Thursday, August 25, 2011

Project Life Photos

Hi everyone. I am so sorry it has been so long since my last post. My life has been a little crazy trying to adjust to kids getting back into a school schedule. I now have one in 5th grade, one in Kindergarten and one in preschool. My youngest is still with me three days a week and driving me a little crazy since he insnt used to being without my middle daughter. I have an hour and 20 minutes to waste everyday between picking up Makayla and then later Madalyn. All with a busy boy who doesnt enjoying waiting around from 15 minutes while we try and fight the traffic for Makayla. So we have filled the hour and 20 minutes after getting Makayla at the library, the park, Target, getting Starbucks and even going to the mall. I am running out of options so we usually end up at a library doing homework and reading. Anyway. Enough of all that crazy madness and onto the really reason I am posting... PROJECT LIFE PHOTOS!!!
These are my guys. They were watching Top Gear. They were laughing at the same parts and just being dudes. Love them to pieces.
On Monday the 22nd of April. I was sitting in the pick up line for picking up my oldest after school and you could see smoke from a fire in the Cajon Pass. The 15 freeway was closed for a while due to down powerlines. That was around the time my hubby starts his commute home from Beverly Hills. So I called to let him know and he found a diiferent route home only extending his commute by 30 minutes. Which was a lot better then the two hour delays we were hearing about.
Homework has been something we are all adjusting too. My oldest didn't have homework at all last year unless she didn't finish her class work. That was never really an issue. This year she has been a busy bee in class and out. Then Makayla has been doing a great good learning to write her letters and numbers. I have to say we had been working on it before but she is finally really putting in some effort. =)
Since my last post we made it to the river a few more times. I am telling you if there was work for my hubby out there I would be a residence of Lake Havasu City! It really is my favorite place and we are all at peace there. I think there would be nothing better then being able to go on the water everyday for a boat ride and a quick swim. Just look at how much fun these kids have jumping off the boat. That is my 4 year old son showing everyone how its done. Lol.
Well I have more to share but the kids just came in from being outside. Guess its time to start the bath time schedule, bedtime story and off to bed to start the crazy madness all over tomorrow. Wish me luck. Hope you all all enjoying the last bit of August and school starting up again.

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Laura Evangeline said...

I can't wait to see more pics! :-)