Thursday, July 14, 2011

Project Life Photos

Hi everyone.
Sorry it has taken so long for me to post more photos. I have been busy taking my kiddos to all their DR appointments, taking care of house stuff and helping a friend with her business by packing class kits and stuff for her etsy shop. Anyway. Here are a few pictures that have made it into our PL.
We went bowling with my sister and her kids. If you haven't already heard of you should check it out. Kids bowl free for the summer. For a parent it $25 then you can register more people, print the coupons and go bowl at your local bowling alley. IF ITS AVAILABLE IN YOUR AREA. After that you only pay for the rental of shoes.
Water fun with my niece Alexcis at my parents house. Those water guns are a huge hit! $9.99 for two guns at Target, or $5 each at Walmart.
I have been doing photo shoots and needed a black basket for a baby picture and couldn't find one. So bought a natural color one on sale bought spray paint and went to town . I LOVE spray paint.
My middle child Makayla was cuddled on the sofa with her "LOVE BEAR" that my oldest daughter Madalyn made for her at Build-a-Bear when Makayla was a baby. She never used to cuddle with him when she was little but lately he has been loved well.
So if you have a boy there has to have been a time that stitches have been a part of your life or in my case will be some day! My son is like my hubby... accident prone. Lol. He sliced open his foot and there was blood everywhere. =( A trip to urgent care expecting stitches resulted in just steri-strips. Thank goodness! However I know they are in our future...
Yum. A chocolate truffle cheesecake made by a good friend of mine for my hubby. He fixed her dishwasher and as a "Thank you" she brought his this amazing and extra yummy cheesecake. Beware of it goodness because I bet I have gained 10 pounds from it. LOL.
One on my favorite games on my iphone!! I love to play all the time. So had to snap a picture of it. FYI- if you have an iphone and you hold down the power button and the home button at the same time you can take a picture of anything that is on your screen.
Legos galore! Since April (start of birthdays around here) I have been stepping on, vacuuming up, and playing legos with my kiddos. So when I went into my son's room to see the scattered everywhere it made me frustrated but in a ha ha kind of way. I had just finished cleaning his room and went on to another room. Within 5 minutes his room looked like a lego bomb hit it.
I bet your hubby has a lot of tools, right? Well my hubby is an elevator mechanic and tools everywhere is an understatement! The garage is full, his truck in full and then he has stuff on whatever job-site he is on. So you can only imagine what we have on hand at any giving time if needed.
We went to Lake Havasu again for 4th of July weekend, which is what we do every year. Thunderstorms are a love of mine, crazy I know. But they just remind me of my childhood hanging out with friends and family and watching the lightening. So when we had one hit the area I grabbed my camera and hung out on the porch waiting for the "perfect one" and was able to capture it.
We spent the 4th on July on the water and did a long boat ride up to where they were launching off the fireworks. As we waited we watched the sunset and showed off our love for our country!
Hope all of you are enjoying PL as much as I am. Even my family is enjoying it. My kids ask all the time if I got the POTD and if not the suggest what we should have as our POTD. Then my hubby has helped pick photos to cause I can never take just one! LOL.
See you again soon.