Monday, June 13, 2011

Project Life Inspiration

I have been looking at many PL blogs and getting to see great pictures, which is helping to come up with some for myself. But after 6 months of pictures everyday I am having a hard time. In fact missed a day completely some how. Figure I wont be putting a card in for that day and since Saturday was such a busy day of activites and many photos I can put a few from the day in. But I want to share a few of my favorite photos that I have been capturing.
A beautiful day with a breeze.
Spring in my parents backyard. The kids love to play in their backyard a pick flowers. This is a picture of a blooming apple tree.
Kyle was carrying this light spinning toy from Disney on Ice everywhere we went.
This is a picture of yummy cardne asada and chicken at the local Mexican Market in town where we get our yummy meat.
So a good friend of mine sells pampered chef products and she LOVES to cook. In fact I think LOVE is an understatement. These are her yummy brownies that she served at one of her parties. YUMMMM!
I have been helping a friend package up her class kits from time to time and decided I have to take a picture of all the fun goodies. =)
This was taking in the evening, it was finally warm enough that Makayla and Kyle could get out and enjoy it. It's to bad we dont have grass here right now for them to play in but kids and dirt = a good time.
This picture makes me LOL! Kyle decided one night when we were out at dinner to try a lemon for the first time. Still one of the best reactions ever.
We lost power one night before the kids went to bed. The younger to freaked out and Madalyn was excited. We dug out all sorts of candles and lit them for a sorce of light. I just love the reflections of the counter top and the reminder of the yummy scent they were giving off.
One day back in May we decided to check out a train museum. The kids had a great time riding the old train back and forth. Each ride was about 10 minutes long or so. Then on the back lot they had trains that they are restoring and tracks running every which way. The kids had a great time and this picture of makes me smile.
So my goal is to try and post of inspiration photos once a week. Fingers crossed that I can actual do that. Thanks for stopping by.

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Laura Evangeline said...

Fabulous job! I love them all!