Monday, April 4, 2011

Trip to Wyoming

A couple weeks ago we had to take my MIL to Wyoming to help her sister move back to California after being in the hospital for a few days. Since Bill was out of work, still we went along leaving th kids behind with my parents for a week. I got to see many states that I have never been in before and for me that was just to cool! Our drive started out Saturday morning at 6 am, heading up the 15 freeway. On Saturday we drove through California, Nevada, the tip of Arizona, Utah and then stopped just east of the Wyoming border at 7:30 pm in a town called Evanston. It started snowing and we were hours away from another area to stay. When we pulled off the freeway my hubby was in heaven with this one the corner...

He said the only thing missing was guns and ammo. Yep he could totally fit in, in Wyoming!!

Hit the road again Sunday morning by 7am. Stopped in Casper, Wy to pick up his Aunt and take her to her home in Lusk, Wy. I had always heard about Lusk being a small town in the middle of nowhere and that was exactly the case! Cute little, friendly town! We stayed in a Bed and Breakfast, The Sager House. If you ever happen to be out that way you must stop by there and stay a night, Dotty was so adorable and as sweet as can be. The house is so neat, the food was amazing and the photos around her house to die for. She was a photographer for National Geographic!! Here is the house one morning covered in snow...

After spending a few days packing his Aunt's apartment and going through her storage we decided we should take a break and see some sites since I had never been out past Utah, Arizona and Nevada. So to South Dakota we went. We took his Aunt to visit with family and say her goodbyes while we went to Mount Rushmore. All I have to say about that is AMAZING! It was so much more impressive then I thought it would be. Just wish it wasn't snowing, windy and grey when we were there. Spent a while there in aww of it before heading back to Lusk. On your way we went past Crazy Horse and I took pictures from the car since it was so expensive to see it. On our way home we say buffalo, deer and antalope, which were everywhere, well excpet for the buffalo. Those were on a farm along with horses and cows galore. We even saw a BALD EAGLE!!!

Thursday we packed up the trailer and hit the road homeward bound for California. The weather was turning bad so instead of heading home the way we came we had to go through Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona. In Colorado I got to meet up with my friend Kathi, see The Garden of the Gods, even saw wild horses and fall in love with Colorado all together. Maybe one day we will be moving out there. =)

Friday morning came early and we hit the road again by 7am. We made it into New Mexico and had to make a stop at the Sportsmans Warehouse for Bill! He misses having on close to us. Other then that stop in Albuquerque and the stop in Gallup for the night we didnt do anything else there.

Saturday we hit the road bright and early again trying to make it home to see the kids and have Sunday with them. As we entered Arizona Bill and I decided to surprise his mom with a short trip North of us to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon since she had never been. Considering how close we were we had to stop right? I have seen it a good ten times or so and everytime it is still amazing and breath taking. The weather however changed on us and got very cold and windy. Then before long it started snowing!!! Seemed to be what the whole week was like for us. After spending 4 hours there (opps, that wasnt in our plan) we hit the road again and drove just about nonstop to our home in Hesperia, Ca. We were so happy to be home and sleep in our own bed! The best part though was seeing the kids!!

Just a few hours from home and this sun set was amazing. It just kept changing! This is my favorite part of every day!! Got to love living in the desert, the night are so beautiful.

So that was a crazy week and last week was a week of trying to catch up around the house. This week is trying to get back into the routine with Bill back at work. The last 6 WEEKS were so good with him around and so easy even though I didn't get any time in to craft. But now he is at work, Madalyn is at school, Kyle and Makayla are watching cartoons and unfortunatly Makayla caught the flu! Started yesterday and still having a hard time today. Yep wouldn't be my life if everything was going prfectly smooth!! Hope you are all having a great day and that your week ends on the same note.

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