Thursday, August 25, 2011

Project Life Photos

Hi everyone. I am so sorry it has been so long since my last post. My life has been a little crazy trying to adjust to kids getting back into a school schedule. I now have one in 5th grade, one in Kindergarten and one in preschool. My youngest is still with me three days a week and driving me a little crazy since he insnt used to being without my middle daughter. I have an hour and 20 minutes to waste everyday between picking up Makayla and then later Madalyn. All with a busy boy who doesnt enjoying waiting around from 15 minutes while we try and fight the traffic for Makayla. So we have filled the hour and 20 minutes after getting Makayla at the library, the park, Target, getting Starbucks and even going to the mall. I am running out of options so we usually end up at a library doing homework and reading. Anyway. Enough of all that crazy madness and onto the really reason I am posting... PROJECT LIFE PHOTOS!!!
These are my guys. They were watching Top Gear. They were laughing at the same parts and just being dudes. Love them to pieces.
On Monday the 22nd of April. I was sitting in the pick up line for picking up my oldest after school and you could see smoke from a fire in the Cajon Pass. The 15 freeway was closed for a while due to down powerlines. That was around the time my hubby starts his commute home from Beverly Hills. So I called to let him know and he found a diiferent route home only extending his commute by 30 minutes. Which was a lot better then the two hour delays we were hearing about.
Homework has been something we are all adjusting too. My oldest didn't have homework at all last year unless she didn't finish her class work. That was never really an issue. This year she has been a busy bee in class and out. Then Makayla has been doing a great good learning to write her letters and numbers. I have to say we had been working on it before but she is finally really putting in some effort. =)
Since my last post we made it to the river a few more times. I am telling you if there was work for my hubby out there I would be a residence of Lake Havasu City! It really is my favorite place and we are all at peace there. I think there would be nothing better then being able to go on the water everyday for a boat ride and a quick swim. Just look at how much fun these kids have jumping off the boat. That is my 4 year old son showing everyone how its done. Lol.
Well I have more to share but the kids just came in from being outside. Guess its time to start the bath time schedule, bedtime story and off to bed to start the crazy madness all over tomorrow. Wish me luck. Hope you all all enjoying the last bit of August and school starting up again.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Project Life Photos

Hi everyone.
Sorry it has taken so long for me to post more photos. I have been busy taking my kiddos to all their DR appointments, taking care of house stuff and helping a friend with her business by packing class kits and stuff for her etsy shop. Anyway. Here are a few pictures that have made it into our PL.
We went bowling with my sister and her kids. If you haven't already heard of you should check it out. Kids bowl free for the summer. For a parent it $25 then you can register more people, print the coupons and go bowl at your local bowling alley. IF ITS AVAILABLE IN YOUR AREA. After that you only pay for the rental of shoes.
Water fun with my niece Alexcis at my parents house. Those water guns are a huge hit! $9.99 for two guns at Target, or $5 each at Walmart.
I have been doing photo shoots and needed a black basket for a baby picture and couldn't find one. So bought a natural color one on sale bought spray paint and went to town . I LOVE spray paint.
My middle child Makayla was cuddled on the sofa with her "LOVE BEAR" that my oldest daughter Madalyn made for her at Build-a-Bear when Makayla was a baby. She never used to cuddle with him when she was little but lately he has been loved well.
So if you have a boy there has to have been a time that stitches have been a part of your life or in my case will be some day! My son is like my hubby... accident prone. Lol. He sliced open his foot and there was blood everywhere. =( A trip to urgent care expecting stitches resulted in just steri-strips. Thank goodness! However I know they are in our future...
Yum. A chocolate truffle cheesecake made by a good friend of mine for my hubby. He fixed her dishwasher and as a "Thank you" she brought his this amazing and extra yummy cheesecake. Beware of it goodness because I bet I have gained 10 pounds from it. LOL.
One on my favorite games on my iphone!! I love to play all the time. So had to snap a picture of it. FYI- if you have an iphone and you hold down the power button and the home button at the same time you can take a picture of anything that is on your screen.
Legos galore! Since April (start of birthdays around here) I have been stepping on, vacuuming up, and playing legos with my kiddos. So when I went into my son's room to see the scattered everywhere it made me frustrated but in a ha ha kind of way. I had just finished cleaning his room and went on to another room. Within 5 minutes his room looked like a lego bomb hit it.
I bet your hubby has a lot of tools, right? Well my hubby is an elevator mechanic and tools everywhere is an understatement! The garage is full, his truck in full and then he has stuff on whatever job-site he is on. So you can only imagine what we have on hand at any giving time if needed.
We went to Lake Havasu again for 4th of July weekend, which is what we do every year. Thunderstorms are a love of mine, crazy I know. But they just remind me of my childhood hanging out with friends and family and watching the lightening. So when we had one hit the area I grabbed my camera and hung out on the porch waiting for the "perfect one" and was able to capture it.
We spent the 4th on July on the water and did a long boat ride up to where they were launching off the fireworks. As we waited we watched the sunset and showed off our love for our country!
Hope all of you are enjoying PL as much as I am. Even my family is enjoying it. My kids ask all the time if I got the POTD and if not the suggest what we should have as our POTD. Then my hubby has helped pick photos to cause I can never take just one! LOL.
See you again soon.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Project Life Inspiration from Lake Havasu, AZ

I was out of town last week, visiting my favorite place... Lake Havasu, AZ. Nothing says summer to me like being out there on the Lake with my family. I grew up going there every sumer and almost every other weekend all summer long. Now the tradition lives on with my kids. Here are a few of my favorite photos I took out there...
This is how we started out of trip on Friday night watching the sunset from the water. Photo taken with my iphone using Camera+ app and the sunset enhancer.
My mom tought the kids to play Uno
My kids were searching for the smallest and largest shells they could find
Playing cribbage with my dad is a must every trip. We even taught my 10 year old to play and she picked it up very fast
one the water at sunset = happy family of 5!
I have some more wonderful pictures to share of summer fun stuff next week. See you then.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Project Life Inspiration

I have been looking at many PL blogs and getting to see great pictures, which is helping to come up with some for myself. But after 6 months of pictures everyday I am having a hard time. In fact missed a day completely some how. Figure I wont be putting a card in for that day and since Saturday was such a busy day of activites and many photos I can put a few from the day in. But I want to share a few of my favorite photos that I have been capturing.
A beautiful day with a breeze.
Spring in my parents backyard. The kids love to play in their backyard a pick flowers. This is a picture of a blooming apple tree.
Kyle was carrying this light spinning toy from Disney on Ice everywhere we went.
This is a picture of yummy cardne asada and chicken at the local Mexican Market in town where we get our yummy meat.
So a good friend of mine sells pampered chef products and she LOVES to cook. In fact I think LOVE is an understatement. These are her yummy brownies that she served at one of her parties. YUMMMM!
I have been helping a friend package up her class kits from time to time and decided I have to take a picture of all the fun goodies. =)
This was taking in the evening, it was finally warm enough that Makayla and Kyle could get out and enjoy it. It's to bad we dont have grass here right now for them to play in but kids and dirt = a good time.
This picture makes me LOL! Kyle decided one night when we were out at dinner to try a lemon for the first time. Still one of the best reactions ever.
We lost power one night before the kids went to bed. The younger to freaked out and Madalyn was excited. We dug out all sorts of candles and lit them for a sorce of light. I just love the reflections of the counter top and the reminder of the yummy scent they were giving off.
One day back in May we decided to check out a train museum. The kids had a great time riding the old train back and forth. Each ride was about 10 minutes long or so. Then on the back lot they had trains that they are restoring and tracks running every which way. The kids had a great time and this picture of makes me smile.
So my goal is to try and post of inspiration photos once a week. Fingers crossed that I can actual do that. Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all you moms out there.

I want to share a few old pictures of my mom and I. The first one was when I was little...

The next photo is of my mom, my little sister Debbie on the right, and that's me in the left. We were in Hawaii on a hike down to a cove to snorkle. My parents took us out there as a graduation thing from high school. Such a fun trip we were just missing my older sister and her hubby.

The next picture was the day I got to hold my daughter Madalyn for the first time. She was born 7 weeks early so we had to wait 8 days before we got to actually hold her. That day was the first day it felt real that I was a mom.

I hope you have a fabulous day. You deserve it.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Pregnant Flash Mob for the March of Dimes

Hi everyone.

One of my favorite charties is March of Dimes. They have a fun little video that you must see. For every view they will get a donation!! Watch and share it!!!

Thanks Jenn

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bon Jovi - Hallelujah

Okay so if you know me and are a friend on FB you know how much I love Bon Jovi. I listen to his music every since day and never get sick of it. Last night I rewatched a documentary about Bon Jovi and his band members. I have seen it a bunch of times and even have recorded it on Showtime just to be able to watch it over and over and listen to the music. I love the song "Halleujah" and you cant find it on any of his cds because he has never released it. I hope that changes cause I LOVE IT!! Today I have listened to it a few times! So I want to share it with all of you! Enjoy.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Birthday Gift Journal

Hi everyone. I did a project this morning!!! Started around 11am and finished around 1pm. While I am still sitting here listening to Pandora radio I thought I would share what I did. I made a personalized journal for my friends daughter who turned 7!

Here is what I used...

  • journal from Barnes and Noble paid $8.00

  • two sheets of 12x12 pattern paper double sided

  • various colors of ribbon

  • chipboard letter

  • flowers

  • rhinestones

  • stickles Black Diamond and Diamond

  • black paint

  • foam brush

  • Mod Podge

  • And last minute decided to take off the wire that it was bound with and change it to a 1'' black wire by Zutter and used my bind it all

  • Glue Dots

Here is what the journal looked like when I bought it.

My first step was to remove the wire and paint the spine on the outside and inside about an inch in from the holes. Second step was to measure and cut the paper from the outside front and back covers making sure to leave about 1/2 an inch around the sides to fold over and glue down on the inside. Third step was to cut two inside pieces long enough to hide the edge of the paper that you folded over. Once you have all your paper cut and the paint on the spine is all dry you will glue or tape the paper done to the outside for the front and back covers. Once that is dry turn over the covers and fold over the flaps of paper from the outside and glue those down. The next step will be to glue the two inside pieces down to the front and back covers overlapping the the edges that you just folded over. After I had that all finished I re-did the binding with the black 1'' wire. Setting the journal aside, i painted the "K" with black paint and once dried used the black diamond stickles over the paint. I cut a piece of the paper to mount the letter on so it would show up against the pattern paper, added flowers, added the rhinestones using glue dots. The last steps are adding the various ribbions to the wire. Then using the stickes in both black diamond and diamond I added a strip along the cut edge of the ribbon to avoid fraying. Here is the finished product...

Hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday afternoon. Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mess all around!

I was just on FB and came across Jennifer Priest post about a messy scrap area and could totally relate! And she was relating to Kristina Werner post. I did just clean my room on Saturday because Sunday I was teaching a craft at the Chruch for the womens ministry. So although its still messy in here its nothing like it was before. Before cleaning...

Man I look terrible, but then again I am crafting and I really dont dress up for that! I usually wear soccer shorts and a tank top just like I am there! But my little fashionista looks good!!

After cleaning and teaching the class...

This is under my desk...

In my drawers...

Behind that picture on the shelf...


So my dirty secret is out!! How about your scrap area... messy or clean?