Sunday, November 7, 2010

They are finally up

My amazing husband Bill helped me get my mirrors up the other day when he got home from work!

The first thing we did was find the center of the wall and figure out the spacing, height and marked them on the wall with a pencil. Bill took out his trusty level to make sure that we were all straight and the tape measure to keep the spacing all the same. I probably would have just eye balled it, but I appropriate all the work he put into it! Then we used industrial strength Velcro to adhere the mirrors to the wall. Bill placed the four strips on the wall making sure that they would fit in the corners of the mirror. For a little extra security he screwed the back strip to the wall, then we but the other half on it and pressed the mirror to the wall.

It was really simple. The best part was that I told him we will need to pay attention to the pattern and not mix it up. Two seconds later I put a mirror on the wall not paying attention... and yes I didn't pay close attention! So I have two mirrors going one direction and two going the other way but the best part is that with the Velcro is that you can take it down and flip it the right way. So far they are different and I really like it that way! Here is the finished look...

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