Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Spray paint Crazy

During the summer I decided I need a little change in my office. I had these great tins that I use to organize my bills, one for in coming and one for out going mail. In the past where I had them you never saw them but in my office now they are there for all to see and the color just wasn't doing it for me anymore.

A quick trip over to Lowes for spray paint and a little time and they fit perfectly now. After I painted them and let them dry, I took a piece of sandpaper to them so that they still had the antique feel that I love! I think I really like the pink on the most, best part is that if needed I can change it in a heartbeat. Got to love fixing up the things you have to work for you now.

I also did some bird houses and the frame of a mirror that needed to be changed to fit my color scheme in my bathroom. Once I take some pictures I will share them.

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