Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mirror, Mirror on the wall

you are my favorite after all! So I have been sitting on some mirrors I bought at Target for almost a year! Yep, sad right? As soon as I saw the HOME BEVELED MIRROR TILES I knew what I wanted to do to them. They come in a 6 pack for $19.99, I think I paid more but who can remember. My plan was to etch the mirrors after all I had the etching creme and never used it and a wall that needs a little something something. The hardest thing for me was finding the right design. I looked for hours and hours on the web trying to find an SVG file to download and use. But the one that I found and loved was on a message board that you needed to contact someone to get the file. I decided that was not going to work out. Then I went to and looked to see what cartridges they had. I found the Cindy Loo cartridge that had some doilies and other designs that would come in handy for other projects so that is what I got.

To do the project I used left over vinyl in whatever color I had that was 12x 12. Then I used the "fit to page" on my Circut expression, using a 12x12 mat. It calculated it out to be 11 inches, after picking my doily. I then used transfer tape to place it on the mirror, peeled the tape and started.

I put the creme on the mirror using a squeegee to move the creme over the entire mirror. Following the directions I let it sit for 15 minutes.

When time was up I washed the creme off in the sink and peeled the vinyl. And this is what I ended up with...

I only etched 4 out of 6 mirrors because my wall isn't big enough for all 6. I am sure they will be etched at some point and put somewhere else. I still need to figure out a way to adhere them to the wall, not sure what to do because I don't want to mess up the walls. My hubby and I are going to Home Depot or Lowes to figure out what we can use. If I don't find anything I am going to make my own frames to put them in. Once they are up I will take another picture and share it with you.

Thanks for coming by. Hope you are having a fun filled Halloween weekend.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Metal Game board

I just loved getting around to making my family a metal game board. I have made about 4 or 5 now and have given them as a gift. My kids really didn't like that I did that but that's life. Last month a friend of mine was asking if I would be interested in getting together with other women to make Christmas gifts for family and friends, of course I jumped on the chance to be crafty since it has been so long. All together there are about 8 of us that have been working on the boards. Once a week we get together at someones house and work on the next step. The first week was coming up with an idea, I told them about my game board and that was that it was in the works. We ordered metal panels from an online store called FROM COVER 2 COVER, vinyl from another online store VINYL OUTLET, and few of the ladies went to Micheals with coupons in hand for magnets, foam brushes and Modge Podge. Then second week was cutting our vinyl into 4 - 1.5"x9" strips for the tic tac toe side of the game board (this is used on a 12x12 metal panel) or 4- 1"x5.5" strips for an 8x8 metal panel. Then for the checker board side the 12x12 panel needs 32- 1.5"x1.5" squares, the 8x8 panel needs 32- 1"x1" squares. Then our homework was to peel and stick the vinyl down on the panel. The third week was stamping along the edge of the tic tac toe side using rubber stamps and stazon ink in any color. Once the ink was dry we then put a coat of modge podge over the entire panel doing one side at a time and allowing to dry. *TIP* use a piece of wax paper under your panel so that you don't make a huge mess of you table! The fourth week was working on the picture magnets. Some of us paint the edge of the magnets and allowed them to dry while cutting our photos. Then picking a photo to use, make sure that it is not a close up of the person and then print the picture 12 times per person, on plain printer paper in a wallet size. Using the magnet trace the edge of the magnet to get the right shape. If the paper hangs over the edge of the maget a bit you can use a small piece of sand paper on the edge once the picture is glued down and dry! Once they were cut out we used the modge podge to glue the picture down to the magnet and allowed to dry. After they are all dry you add another coat over the top of the picture and allow to dry. I used glossy accent on the top of my magnets instead, either way is just fine. I haven't got any pictures of the other ladies boards because I keep forgetting my camera but here are pictures of mine. I used an 8x8 panel that I had in my stock and everyone else used 12x12 panel that they ordered.