Sunday, April 25, 2010


Hi everyone.

Some how I seem to be doing a lot of name projects lately, weird how that is working out but I love it. The other day I found a little bit of time to redo my nieces name. I wish i had a photo of the original name but I forgot to take one. So let me tell you about what the used to look like... they were white, with butterfly stickers, gems, and ribbon. They were originally done to match her baby bedding, but now that she is almost 5 and she has new bedding that is for a big girl we needed to do something different with them. Her new bedding is bright colors with polka dots, flowers and plain. Alexcis has an obsession with polka dots so that is what I decided to do. After disassembling the originally design, my mom and I painted them a light pink. It took about two coats of paint, my mom did one coat and a few days later I did the second coat. From that point it took me about 3 weeks to find time to do the polka dots, which took no time at all. I used three different color that were in her bedding, a foam circle paint brush, and a circle stamp. When that was dry I cut the ribbon to the desired length and my Hubby Bill and I used a stable gun to attach the ribbon. Alexcis was very excited to have them all finished and today when they take their 7 hour drive back home they can take the letters with them. I am sure that the first thing Alexcis will want to do is hang them up! Well here are the photos of the project before the dots and after hanging in my daughters room.

Happy crafting everyone. Hope that you enjoy the rest of your Sunday.