Thursday, April 15, 2010

Acrylic Name Banner

Hi again!

Birthdays are a great way to get me motivated to make some thing fun. There is nothing better for me then to give something that is handmade and personalized. Gets me to step away from everyday life, let go of stress and make something really cute. My friend's daughter Kayla just turned 6 last week. Kayla is so cute, the only girl in her family, and the baby of the family. So I really wanted to make something pretty that she could have in her room that just screamed "girlie room." With that said, I decided to make a banner with her name on it. But not just any banner, a banner made of ACRYLIC! I Love to use acrylic for everything ever since I used it for the first time 2 1/2 years ago. THANKS JESSICA, you made me an acrylic junkie! Here is what I did....

I took 5 pieces of 6x6 acrylic panels, then on the blue protective covering with a sharpie I made a triangle. Once that was finished I used my fiskars rotary cutter and cut the acyrlic. It does take a little work... first cut ob the line applying some pressure. Then flip over the acrylic piece line it up and cut again. Eventually you will hear a cracking sound, that is when you know you made it through the acrylic. I might take a few swipes of the blade to accomplish this. Once I had all the pieces cut I used black acrylic paint and painted the edges of the triangles and let them dry. Then the paint was dry I stamped all the pieces using the cotton white staz-on ink and on of the Kits2remember rubber stamps. While the ink was drying I used chipboard, my cricut expression and the DonJaun cartridge to cut the name. After cutting the chipboard I then painted the edges of the letters. Next I cut pattern paper the same size as the chipboard and adhered them to the chipboard. To attach them to the acrylic I used glue dots. Then I decorated the different panels with the flowers, ribbon and brads in the middle of the larger flowers. When that was finished I used my crop-a-dile to punch holes for the ribbon and feed it through. Took me about 3 hours to complete it, but keep in mind that most of the time was the drying of the ink and paint. Here are the photos...

Wish I could have seen her open it, but my kids were cranky and so we missed it.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. We will be having a busy one. Makayla turns 4 on Saturday and Kyle is going to be 3 in 13 more days so we are going to have one big party! Time to go get ready for the fun. Bye

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