Friday, September 4, 2009

Coupon Holder

Hi everyone.

I have a really quick project today, its a coupon holder. I don't know about you but every penny I can squeeze out of coupons I do. So since I print my own and they are all over my kitchen and office I decided it would be cute to have a fun box like thing to store them in. Here is what I did to make that happen....

I used the always durable and fabulous K2R acrylic in 4x6 (two panels), 4x4 (one panel) and a left over 3x12 strip from the mobile I made. I started by cutting the 3x12 strip into a 3x6 piece and a 3x4 piece using my fiskars rotary cutter. Then I cut the 4x4 piece as well into a 3x4 piece. Once they were all cut I laid them out and stamped with Timber brown stazon ink and two K2R stamps item number's 1-02 and 1-07. I stamped in the corners of the 4x6 pieces with item 1-07 and all over with 1-02 on the 3x4 pieces. Once the ink was dried I used the BIA to make the holes and laced the brown ribbon through the holes. Each secton was done with it own piece of ribbon and the adhered on the inside of the box. To do the letter I used my cricut and cartridge Oppistes Attract. The paper is scrapworks Florabella Sketchbook it is double sided pattern paper, the one side is the print and the over side was the blue that I used as the shadow. Then I tied ribbon on the letters and adhered them to the panel. The first "o", the "p" and the "n" and adhered using pop dots. All I was finished. It took me about an hour to do. Could have dont it a little faster but I was dealingwith my little monsters, I love being a SAHM!

There are endless possiblities for the uses you can make a box for.... maybe for some small scrappy supplies, a napkin holder (which is in the works here), a bill holder, maybe even a pencil or pen holder, how about a BOX TOP holder for your childs class! You see where I am going with this! The best part is that with all those fabulous sizes Jessica offers you can do any size in anything you want!

Enjoy your 3 day weekend. We will be in Lake Havasu again enjoying ours! Happy scrapping.

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