Saturday, September 12, 2009

Birthday Gift

Hi Everyone.

This last week just few by and before I knew it it was Friday and I had nothing ready to blog about. Yikes! Last night I tried starting on an 8x8 acrylic album that I needed for Madalyn's little friends birthday. Seem like these days I would much rather spend a few hours making something then killing myself at a store trying to figure out what to get the kids! This time was no different.

I stated out by having my 8 years old daughter Madalyn paint the edges of the 8x8 acrylic by using a Pitch Black Paint Dabber. Once the paint was dry I used a K2R stamp #1-01 and jet black staz-on ink. I stamped three of the panels on the out side edge just to give it a little something special. Then I just used the left over paper from my "C-R-E-A-T-E" banner that I made earlier this month. I did but those vellum flowers that are on the front cover and curled the petals just by rubbing my finger nails on them. The construction on the book was really pretty basic, it took me about 2 1/2 hours to do between painting, dry time, cutting the papers, inking the edges with Tim Holtz Black Soot ink, and adhereing the paper to the acrylic. Then I used black 1" o-wire and the bind-it-all to bind the book. Once that was finished I raided my ribbon to tie onto the binding and it was complete. OH almost forgot.... I used sticlkes on the edges of the ribbon so that they ribbon doesnt fray. Another trick I did was on the the page with the circles.... I cut out the polka dot rings and the flowers that were in the middle and adhered them in a random pattern.

As for the fun card... that was really simple. I used a bunch of scraps to make it. I started with a pattern piece of paper that I folded in half making sure that the pattern was on the inside. Then I added strips of leftover paper scraps to the white side of the paper. Once that was finished I trimed down the strips so that they were the exact size, added a flower, a button, ribbon and the "happy birthday' rub-on from the birthday pack. On the inside I added another rub-on that says 'just for you on your special day" and let Madalyn write in the card as she pleased.

It is always really fun to have your kids do a little something with you when you are crafting. I know that my kids actually fight over who is doing what, which can drive me a little bonkers! So to avoid that I call one in at a time and give them their own "duty" and when that is done the must step out of the room. Best way that I can keep my space "STRESS FREE" and in a good creative atmosphere!

Happy scrapping everyone. Now off to bed so that I can be rested up for a fun filled day with no kids tomorrow!


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