Friday, September 25, 2009

Two in one day

Hi again!

I am on a roll tonight! I was bored and thought there is nothing else better then scrapping the night away.

Tomorrow we have a birthday party for my nephew Tanner, he is turning one! Seems like only yesterday that my SIL was saying she was having a boy and now he is one. How time flies. Anyway. They have decided that they don't need or want gifts instead they want everyone to donate on behalf of Tanner and that is a wonderful idea. BUT he is my nephew and I want to give him something special. So I put together a metal page that can be displayed on an easel. The only things I used to to this project was an 8x8 metal panel, Black Staz-on ink, a large background stamp in a crackle finish, Pitch black paint dabber, crop-a-dile corner chomper, a piece on ribbon, Diamond black stickles, two pattern papers, my cricut and Graphically speaking cartridge.

Step one was to stamp the whole 8x8 piece on metal and let dry. Step two was to cut a mat out of the blue pattern paper, size is 4.5x6.5. Then use the crop-a-dile to round edges and distress with the paint dapper. Once the paint was dry I tied a ribbon around the mat and adhered it to the metal. I then picked the border "one" on the cartridge and cut it a 3", this would make it 3x12. I then cut off 4" that I didn't need. I used glossy accent to adhere the border down. The last step was to use the stickles on a few of the "ones" and "1's" to make them stand out a little more. After that all it needs is a 4x6 photo and display!

The best part about how I put the border and mat my SIL can pick which way she want it to go.... along the side on at the top. OH and the stamp!! Doesn't it just give the metal a cool look or what? Can you imagine it on acrylic too? Oh the possibilities!

Enjoy your weekend.

Trip to Remember

Hi Everyone.

I have been waiting since last night to post this project but of course when you have time something goes wrong.... in my case my internet! I have been waiting around all day for a Tech to come out a replace the main unit that burned up. Now that it has been completed its time for some blogging.
I wanted to make a fun word book because I have never done one! Yep that's right never. My plan was to design something on my Cricut Design studio and then cut it with the K2R's fabulous chipboard... but after two hours of messing around on the computer I decided to go in a little different direction. Instead I used an exclusive K2R 8x8 Acrylic Stadium Album. I did still manage to give it the look of a word book by making chipboard letters using my cricut, the George Basic shapes cartridge, and the design studio to make the letter the right size and width that I desired. To do this I used two 12x12 sheets of chipboard, cut the letters and then used my craft knife to get all the way through the chipboard. It does take a little time but it is well worth it. Once I had the chipboard letters finished, I cut pattern papers for the front and back sides of the letters adhered it and then painted the edges using the Pitch Black Paint Dabber. When that was drying I decided to used the same dabber around the edges of the acrylic panels that make up the stadium album. Once all the paint was dry I stamped on the edges of the "O" and "D" panels using K2R stamp item # 1-09 and Jet Black Staz-on. The next thing I did was add the chipboard letters to the panels to spell out "Florida" then I began adding pictures and paper. I didn't use a bunch of embellishments because I wanted the pictures to be the center of everything and have them accented by the papers used. (The papers were from a paper pack by DCWV Tahiti Beach Stack that I got on sale at Joann's)

To start... I took the "F" panel added a family photo of the three of us in Florida and put a rub-on on the photo itself (this is on the front of the cover) the backside I added a picture of me and my hubby.

The "L" panel I put the two pictures... BUT before I added the one of Madalyn and me with those sexy 3-d glasses I trimmed it to mirror the photo on that backside. So lets start there.... I trimmed the photo of the Iconic "Golf Ball" that Epcot in known for along one side. When I adhered it I didn't adhere the side I cut but the other three sides to make a pocket for a tag I made out pattern paper. So before adhering it use it to make a template to cut the front picture ( tip... make sure you but the backs of the pictures together before trimming so that they are a mirror image, otherwise you will make a photo that is cut wrong.) The "O" panel is just a simple one with a photo on the front and a photo on the front. The "R" panel I put a strip on pattern paper, then adhered three photos on to a piece of yellow paper and then cut around the pictures to make on large mat. I am thinking I will add something to this page along the top of the photos but not sure what at this time. The back side was done using a photo that I matted to match the front side, added the strip of paper to the side, added the "hot hot hot" rub-on from the holiday theme and the "paradise found" is also a rub-on that I have had in my stash for ages!

The "I" panel... cut a strip of pattern paper with the works on it, put the bottom picture, then added the matted the top picture of my daughter at the beach in Daytona, and once again used a rub-on on the photo from the same themed pack. The backside was done the same way, however I did not adhere the one photo down all the way so that I could add a tag that I made. I did sandwich to pieces of paper together so that from the font side it match with the photos since it peeks through, I also journaled on both sides. Then I added the yellow and white flowers and that was that. The "D" panel is a simple strip of paper, three photos to make a sort of collage, then a simple rub-on. The back side is the two pictures, a strip of paper and then I wanted to make the paper look as if the words were printed on it but they are really just rub-ons. The "A" panel.... was simple with a journal block, two pictures, last minute stamping to add a little dimension and the flower with a button in the middle, and another rub-on.

When I had all the panels finished I used the BIA and black wire to bind the book and found a bunch of bright colored ribbon and was finished.

I am happy with the outcome even though my plan did change a bit. My little two monsters are a little sad that they are not part of this book, but unfortunately we had to leave them with family when we went. But all three of them are loving the fact they can flip through the book and remember the fun that we had.

Happy Scrapping.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Birthday Gift

Hi Everyone.

This last week just few by and before I knew it it was Friday and I had nothing ready to blog about. Yikes! Last night I tried starting on an 8x8 acrylic album that I needed for Madalyn's little friends birthday. Seem like these days I would much rather spend a few hours making something then killing myself at a store trying to figure out what to get the kids! This time was no different.

I stated out by having my 8 years old daughter Madalyn paint the edges of the 8x8 acrylic by using a Pitch Black Paint Dabber. Once the paint was dry I used a K2R stamp #1-01 and jet black staz-on ink. I stamped three of the panels on the out side edge just to give it a little something special. Then I just used the left over paper from my "C-R-E-A-T-E" banner that I made earlier this month. I did but those vellum flowers that are on the front cover and curled the petals just by rubbing my finger nails on them. The construction on the book was really pretty basic, it took me about 2 1/2 hours to do between painting, dry time, cutting the papers, inking the edges with Tim Holtz Black Soot ink, and adhereing the paper to the acrylic. Then I used black 1" o-wire and the bind-it-all to bind the book. Once that was finished I raided my ribbon to tie onto the binding and it was complete. OH almost forgot.... I used sticlkes on the edges of the ribbon so that they ribbon doesnt fray. Another trick I did was on the the page with the circles.... I cut out the polka dot rings and the flowers that were in the middle and adhered them in a random pattern.

As for the fun card... that was really simple. I used a bunch of scraps to make it. I started with a pattern piece of paper that I folded in half making sure that the pattern was on the inside. Then I added strips of leftover paper scraps to the white side of the paper. Once that was finished I trimed down the strips so that they were the exact size, added a flower, a button, ribbon and the "happy birthday' rub-on from the birthday pack. On the inside I added another rub-on that says 'just for you on your special day" and let Madalyn write in the card as she pleased.

It is always really fun to have your kids do a little something with you when you are crafting. I know that my kids actually fight over who is doing what, which can drive me a little bonkers! So to avoid that I call one in at a time and give them their own "duty" and when that is done the must step out of the room. Best way that I can keep my space "STRESS FREE" and in a good creative atmosphere!

Happy scrapping everyone. Now off to bed so that I can be rested up for a fun filled day with no kids tomorrow!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"I can do all things...."

Hi everyone.

Back in June I made a wall saying for a fund raiser at church. Unfortunately it never sold, but the good news is that I gave it to Madalyn's Bible Quiz Coach. She was the one who picked the saying and I saw it fitting that I gave it to her. I finally have a picture of it downloaded from my camera and ready share. I wish that I had one of it on a wall but I don't. However I have one of it right after I cut it using my cricut and the Sure Cuts Alot program. If you have a cricut and wish you could use fonts on your computer this is a way you can, click HERE to check it out! The vinyl I got from the Vinyl Outlet, they have a huge selection of colors, the sizes are 12x36, and the prices are awesome! Anyway the quote we used was.... "I can do all things through Christ who strenghthens me." Phil. 4:13

Hope you are all having a good week so far. Happy scrapping.


Friday, September 4, 2009

Coupon Holder

Hi everyone.

I have a really quick project today, its a coupon holder. I don't know about you but every penny I can squeeze out of coupons I do. So since I print my own and they are all over my kitchen and office I decided it would be cute to have a fun box like thing to store them in. Here is what I did to make that happen....

I used the always durable and fabulous K2R acrylic in 4x6 (two panels), 4x4 (one panel) and a left over 3x12 strip from the mobile I made. I started by cutting the 3x12 strip into a 3x6 piece and a 3x4 piece using my fiskars rotary cutter. Then I cut the 4x4 piece as well into a 3x4 piece. Once they were all cut I laid them out and stamped with Timber brown stazon ink and two K2R stamps item number's 1-02 and 1-07. I stamped in the corners of the 4x6 pieces with item 1-07 and all over with 1-02 on the 3x4 pieces. Once the ink was dried I used the BIA to make the holes and laced the brown ribbon through the holes. Each secton was done with it own piece of ribbon and the adhered on the inside of the box. To do the letter I used my cricut and cartridge Oppistes Attract. The paper is scrapworks Florabella Sketchbook it is double sided pattern paper, the one side is the print and the over side was the blue that I used as the shadow. Then I tied ribbon on the letters and adhered them to the panel. The first "o", the "p" and the "n" and adhered using pop dots. All I was finished. It took me about an hour to do. Could have dont it a little faster but I was dealingwith my little monsters, I love being a SAHM!

There are endless possiblities for the uses you can make a box for.... maybe for some small scrappy supplies, a napkin holder (which is in the works here), a bill holder, maybe even a pencil or pen holder, how about a BOX TOP holder for your childs class! You see where I am going with this! The best part is that with all those fabulous sizes Jessica offers you can do any size in anything you want!

Enjoy your 3 day weekend. We will be in Lake Havasu again enjoying ours! Happy scrapping.