Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Baby shower gift turned Kits2remember Project

Hi everyone.

I am so excited to share this project with all of you. I have been working on a plan and layout for months and actual construction for a week. Yep that's right a week, just a few hours a day while my two little ones are done for a nap. Here is the scoop behind this project... as many of you know my little sister Debbie is pregnant and due next month with her second girl. Debbie and her family live in Hawaii currently since that is where my BIL Sean was stationed. He is currently in Afghanistan and of their families live here in California. All the grandparents are sad that they are not going to be around for most the baby fun. So I decided to make a baby mobile for my soon to be niece Brianna so that she can see her grandparents daily! Here are the details. I must tell you before we get started that I got a lot of help from my husband, my mom and Sean's parents! Thanks to all of your help with really turned out better then I had hoped!

I started out with an old crank style mobile that has been sitting in a box for about 7 years now (it was my daughter Madalyn's). I wish I took a picture of it before the make over but forgot to. I took all the pieces of so that only the bones of the mobile where left. Then my husband Bill picked up some spray paint primer for plastic and some brown spray paint from Home Depot so that I could paint away. I did take two days to paint it one for the primer and one for the brown paint. While those pieces were drying I made the "hood" of the mobile. I did that by cutting 4 triangles in the desired sizes out of K2R CHIPBOARD. Then I covered both sides of the chipboard with DCWV Textured Cardstock, one side with brown and the other with pink. On the brown side I used various PAINT DABBERS and just put dots on it. Once the dots were dry, I flipped it over and made my own dots using a brown BIC Marker. Once all the sides were completed I punched holes in the triangles down two sides of all four using my Bind-it-all. When all 4 triangles had the holes I started lacing two triangles together and the feeding the arm of the mobile through the ribbon. Thanks to my mom! That was her brilliant less time consuming idea. After all 4 triangles were laced to the "hood" piece I started to think how I was going to make the dangling pieces. I first wanted to make a complete square but when I had a mock up of it it was much heavier and larger then I wanted so my hubby talked me into just doing three sides of the square. Which was a good thing because I was getting irritated with my design. I was just making harder then it needed to be. Anyway. So to get the dangling pieces I used K2R 12x12 ACRYLIC and cut it down to 3x3 pieces using my fiskars rotary cutter. It does take a little bit of work to get through the acrylic but it worked great. After the pieces where cut down I drew lines on the protective cover making them cross in the center so that I when I put it into the BIA to make the holes I knew they would line up. Then I cut the holes with the BIA on two of the 4 sides and when you cut them the top holes will overlap a bit. Make sure you do that to all 12 3x3 pieces on acrylic and remove the protective covering. The next step was taking the CROP-A-DILE CORNER CHOMPER and cutting the opposite point from where the BIA holes overlap. I used the 1/4" size. Then I painted the edges using the Aqua PAINT DABBER doing that to all 12 pieces of acrylic. When that was drying I cut my mats for the photos using some more of the textured cardstock. Then I inked the edges using my TIMBER BROWN STAZON INK, making use that I inked both sides of the paper. Then I stamped a flower on the acrylic in a random pattern using the stazon again. When I added the mats to the acrylic I only used a glue dot in the middle to that I could hide it with the butterfly stickers, white paper flowers or the ladybug I made using the Walk in my Garden Cricut cartridge. I added the photos to the mats and one of the accents on the other side to hide the glue dot. When that was finished I started to lace the three sides together. Time saving tip- put a piece of scotch tape around the edge of the ribbon you would like to feed through the holes it makes it much easier. When I was finished lacing one side I used a glue dot and GLOSSY ACCENTS to keep it from unraveling. I did that to the "hood" as well. OH yeah! When you are lacing the acrylic pieces the top holes that overlapped I left out of the lacing that way I could feed the ribbon through that was going to hang it from the hood piece. When that lacing is all finished you can start hang the pieces I just feed the ribbon through tied knots secured it with glossy accents and feed it from the hood piece tied that and secured again with the glossy accent. Continuing on with all the other sides. The center was made out of 2 6x6 K2R chipboard pieces using my Walk in my Garden Cricut Cartridge. When I cut the flower I cut one on the flip mode so that they would match up when I stacked them. I painted the sides of the chipboard with the Aqua Paint Dabber and layered with two flowers cut from the remaining cardstock that I inked up and added to the chipboard. I did curl the edge of the green one so that the pick showed up a bit. Then the top piece of chipboard I also painted the edge, covered with cardstock and cut holes in the middle so that I could feed the ribbon through. Then I used glue dots and sandwiched the two flowers together and hung it from the middle. If Debbie wants, after Sean comes home and meet his new baby girl they can take a family picture of the four of them and add it to the middle of the flower. I did add some bows around the places that I had to tie the ribbon so that you don't see the ugly knot. The pictures don't even come close to doing it justice. But I am proud either way with the outcome. Here are some photos.

The photo above is my MOM! The photo below is my DAD!

The photo above is Sean's mom. The photo below is Sean's dad.