Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm at it again

It feels so good to be in my office working on some type of craft project! Yesterday I did three wall saying and today I did the last one I need to do for my sister. Now I just need to get them to my mom so she can take them to Hawaii when she leaves on the 9th of August. She will be visiting with my sister until October, so that she can be there when ny niece Brianna makes her arrival. Then out there to help my sister adjust to being a mom with a newborn, 4 year old, and a husband in Afghanistan. Enough about that now about the projects right?

I made 4 wall sayings for her. One of them is for my 4 year old niece, she was a little on the jealous side when she saw what we did you Brianna back on the 1st of June. So to help easy that jealousy I made here this wall saying with my Sure Cuts Alot Program and my Cricut Expression...

The next one I made is for my sister's room...

The third one is for her to put above pictures in her house that is a family wall. I did design all of these to be cut apart and placed on the wall so that it will fit the area she wanted better.

The last one I LOVE! It was actually one that I wanted in my kitchen as well, but I haven't ever gotten around to making it.

If you are wondering I got all my vinyl at the Vinyl Outlet store online. The have the best prices and they sell them by the sheet. The sheets are 12x36 and they have a huge variety of colors! ! So it is just a steal.

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