Friday, June 5, 2009

Kits2Remeber Father's Day Gift

Hi everyone. I am sorry I am a few days late on posting my project. I have been really busy with Madalyn's fund raisers. So I just haven't had a free moment to do what I needed to finish it off. But all finished now!

Last night I was in the garage with my hubby putting up a door stopper/ closer so that my kids don't smash their little fingers in the door. And as I was out there I was thinking how I wish I knew what time it was. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks.... make a clock for him to have in his garage that had photos of us all together. So that is what I did.

To make it I used an 8" stadium album, leaving out two of the panels. I ended up using the 8x10, the 8x9, the 8x8, the 8x5 and the 8x4 panels. I made sure to mark the spots that I wanted to punch the holes for the o-rings on the blue protective cover first, as well as the hole for the clock mechanism. I did use my crop-a-dile for the holes and the big bite crop-a-dile for the hole for the clock. Once I had all the holes finished I started tinting the acrylic with Adirondack alcohol inks. I used 6 colors (denim, latte, ginger,stonewashed, lettuce, and caramel) putting them on to the ink applicator then I used a blending solution to lighten the color and help them run together a little more. But I think I used to much because you really only see the green and browns. If you are really close you can see the blue. Anyway. I just pushed down on the applicator as if it were a stamp and moved it all over the acrylic in a random pattern so that it had a marble like affect. I did that to the 8x10 and the 8x5 panels. Then with the left over panels I colored the edges with the applicator using the Lettuce color. Once that was all dry I put the clock in place, making sure to have a brown piece of paper to cover up the battery pack and cut numbers using my cricut and the George and Basic shapes cartridge. I adhered the numbers with Glossy accents. Then I just adhered my photos on to the three panels that were colored only on the edges. I did add two rub-ons from the Holiday theme pack. Then on the 8x5 panel I added a piece of blue paper, the "dad" that was stickers that were left over from a previous project, and the poem. I did change a few of the words that were in the poem to fit our family and still gave credit to the original person. To make the "dad" stand out I used my brown bic pen and outlined the letters. To hang it I used a piece or ribbon but when I was trying to hang it, it didn't want to lay flat so I have another nail hidden in a hole to help keep it from collapsing. Guess I could have used more then 1 piece of ribbon to hang it, but I was trying to keep it from getting "girly." But it is out in the garage over by his work bench. Now he will know what time it is without me having to tell me over and over again.

If you have any questions let me know. Happy scrapping. Enjoy your weekend.


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