Thursday, June 11, 2009

KITS2REMEMBER- Happy Birthday Card and Starry Night Album

Hi everyone. I have a few minutes to post two projects before I go help out with making cheesecakes from scratch for a fund raiser we are doing. So here we go....

Last weekend we went to a birthday party for a 5 year old and I needed a card. So what better way then to make one using great K2R products. I used the acrylic letter "h" that Jessica sent me in my Krew pack, the wonderful flourish stamp (item #1-02), flora doodles jeweled flowers by Petaloo, purple cardstock, Stazon Jet Black ink, and some acrylic stamps that I have from Close to my heart for the "appy birthday." After cutting the card stock down to my desired size I destressed the edges with the stazon ink pad and then stamped the flourish three times on the cardstock in a random pattern. Then I took the portective cover off the back side of the letter and stamped on the letter as well. Once the letter was dried I adhered that down to the card using a glue dot. After I adhered the letter I put the flowers on the letter making sure that I placed them over the spot where I put the adhesive to keep the letter down. Once that was done I added the rest of the letters to spell out "appy birthday" using the stazon ink again and my stamp set. Here are a few photos.

I have never used the acrylic letters before, but now that I have I am going to have to get some more from time to time. They are so cool and there are so many possiblites. There are other shapes as well! So check it out HERE. If you have tried them we would love to hear about it.

OK. Jessica came out with the Starry Night Album Kit awhile ago and I know some of you out there picked it up. Jessica asked us to take a look at the directions to put it together and come up with some "altered" books using the same products. I finally finished mine and would like to share it with you. Now I love Jessica's ideas and designs that I usually love to follow her plans. It was a little hard for me not to, but here is what I did. I didn't have the gold paint and so instead I used a black paint dabber instead. She used gold stickles and I used, black diamond and gold glitter glue. Now I would say that the glitter glue didn't work as I had hoped but it did come out okay. On my front cover I added more star stamps that came from the kit and painted Class of 2009 using a mask I made out of left over vinyl and black paint dabber. Before I started the panels I took the black paint dabbers to the edge on all the acrylic pages and then added the gold glitter glue to the edges and allowed it to dry before I started scrapping it. The first acrylic panel I did the same as Jessica's, however one the second panel I made a frame out of the star paper and added a ribbon around the one side. Then I took a small piece of ribbon and just tied a not around the the other piece of ribbon. Stamped the stars and added Diamond Black stickles to the stars once dry. On the back I put the star pattern paper making sure to adhere it down where the frame on the front side was so no adhesive showed and cut ot the edges so that the star could be seen completely. The forth piece of acrylic I but the lined paper and adhered two of the black enevlopes that I had stamped on and glittered up making sure that the flap is on the side you don't adhere. I did that so that you could tuck it momentums in them. One the back side I did the exact same thing. I did make sure to stamp as well on the acrylic and add stickles or the glitter glue. One the last panel I stamped it just like Jessica but I used both the diamond black stickles and the gold glitter glue to give it a little shine. After that was done I look 5 of the leftover black envelopes that came with the kit and made a mini book. I stamped on the one with the star, added the glittle glue and the title. I did make sure that the opening of the envelope was on the end so that you could tuck things into it. I did take the flap and tuck it in the envelope to thatthey didn't get messed up.

One thing that I like about Kits2remember is that you get a great product and directions for kits BUT you can do what you like and make it your own. We are not in anyway saying that you have to follow our design we are just here to inspire you to create. So don't be afraid to make our kits work for you! Afterall you got to LOVE it, right? Be your scrappy creative self that is what scrapbooking is all about.

Now I am off to help bake 18 cheesecakes, wish me luck!


Friday, June 5, 2009

Kits2Remeber Father's Day Gift

Hi everyone. I am sorry I am a few days late on posting my project. I have been really busy with Madalyn's fund raisers. So I just haven't had a free moment to do what I needed to finish it off. But all finished now!

Last night I was in the garage with my hubby putting up a door stopper/ closer so that my kids don't smash their little fingers in the door. And as I was out there I was thinking how I wish I knew what time it was. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks.... make a clock for him to have in his garage that had photos of us all together. So that is what I did.

To make it I used an 8" stadium album, leaving out two of the panels. I ended up using the 8x10, the 8x9, the 8x8, the 8x5 and the 8x4 panels. I made sure to mark the spots that I wanted to punch the holes for the o-rings on the blue protective cover first, as well as the hole for the clock mechanism. I did use my crop-a-dile for the holes and the big bite crop-a-dile for the hole for the clock. Once I had all the holes finished I started tinting the acrylic with Adirondack alcohol inks. I used 6 colors (denim, latte, ginger,stonewashed, lettuce, and caramel) putting them on to the ink applicator then I used a blending solution to lighten the color and help them run together a little more. But I think I used to much because you really only see the green and browns. If you are really close you can see the blue. Anyway. I just pushed down on the applicator as if it were a stamp and moved it all over the acrylic in a random pattern so that it had a marble like affect. I did that to the 8x10 and the 8x5 panels. Then with the left over panels I colored the edges with the applicator using the Lettuce color. Once that was all dry I put the clock in place, making sure to have a brown piece of paper to cover up the battery pack and cut numbers using my cricut and the George and Basic shapes cartridge. I adhered the numbers with Glossy accents. Then I just adhered my photos on to the three panels that were colored only on the edges. I did add two rub-ons from the Holiday theme pack. Then on the 8x5 panel I added a piece of blue paper, the "dad" that was stickers that were left over from a previous project, and the poem. I did change a few of the words that were in the poem to fit our family and still gave credit to the original person. To make the "dad" stand out I used my brown bic pen and outlined the letters. To hang it I used a piece or ribbon but when I was trying to hang it, it didn't want to lay flat so I have another nail hidden in a hole to help keep it from collapsing. Guess I could have used more then 1 piece of ribbon to hang it, but I was trying to keep it from getting "girly." But it is out in the garage over by his work bench. Now he will know what time it is without me having to tell me over and over again.

If you have any questions let me know. Happy scrapping. Enjoy your weekend.


Monday, June 1, 2009

Acrylic Wall Saying

Well unfortunately it is not Kits2Remember acrylic I did make a fun wall hanging for my little sister's soon to be Brianna. My sister Debbie is living in Hawaii with her Husband Sean and daughter Alexics and they are getting ready for the arrival of Brianna in September. Sean is in the Marine's and is currently servicing in Afghanistan some where. As he is there and Debbie and Lexi are stuck on an island, my mom, dad and I have been busy coming up with some really fun things to help decorate the baby's room. The only problem is that living in housing on the base and having white walls is a challege for us to come up with something that will pop off the walls. My mom and I found a DCWV Home vinyl wall saying a few months ago and have been trying to come up with an idea. The saying is white, so as you know white doesn't exactly show up on white to well! =) So my mom thought of putting it on a large piece of acrylic and some how decorating it to help the saying pop. Then my dad said that he could get a piece at Lowe's hardware store and cut it down on his saw at home. So here we are months later finally with the acrylic thinking now what... well all of a sudden it hit me like a ton of bricks, tint the acrylic. My only problem was trying to find Staz-on link at the local craft store since the LSS closed last month. Then we decided to paint in with the paint dabbers that we used on the name (look for May 30th post). Last night after the kids went to be I started by making a moon out of my leftover cricut vinyl using my Paper Dolls Dress Up cartridge. It was one of the accessories for the Frankinstein Bride. After doing that I painted in the moon with Lemonade colored acrylic paint and a paint brush. Once I had two coats and it was dry I used another paint brush and black acrylic paint to out line the moon (make sure that you paint it on the back side). Once that was dry I used the Aqua paint dabber I put three coats of paint making sure to change directions that I applied it. Once that was dry I turned it over and with my husband Bill's help I did the vinyl saying on the front side. We first lined it up and applied the saying to the acrylic, rubbed it with the tool and then lifted the transfer tape. Next I used the black paint again and painted the eyes on the front side of the acrylic. I did at this point try to use my big bite crop-a-dile to make the holes for hanging it BUT it did crack the acrlyic. SO I would not recommend going to the local hardware store and getting acrylic to make books, instead stick with the K2R products because they are designed for scarpping. Anyhow. I had to come up with an idea to hide the crack. So I took out my cricut and replaced the blade housing with the Deep Cut Blade housing and used K2R chipboard to make the stars in the corner. I used the George and basic shapes cartridge. After cutting the stars I used the paint dabbers and painted them. Once dry I added stickles to them in Cotton Candy and Lime Green. Now my dad is going to take over and use a drill to make the holes to prevent the cracking. Once that is finished its ready to hang on the wall and be taken down and moved anytime and anywhere. Here are the photos.

Happy scrapping everyone. Stay tunned for another out of the box idea using acrylic for a baby's room.