Friday, May 22, 2009

Play Ball!

So when we got the challenge to do a sports theme I couldn't stop thinking of how hard this is going to be for me. I used to play soccer back in the day.... like 13 years ago! I played for 11 years but a knee injury stopped the fun. My husband never played sports dues to asthema, Madalyn is to much of a girl and the little ones are too little for anything. So when my sister, Yanira told be that her son, Bryce was going to play T-Ball I was so excited and I knew he would be the subject to scrap. With that said here is the book I put together for him. It was made using four 8X8 acrylic panels and o-rings. I only put one picture in it because I want him to pick out the rest so that it is more special to him. I also thought of the o-rings being my binding just incase they decided that they want to add more pictures and pages. It will be a simple as taking out the o-rings and using the crop-a-dile to punch the holes in the acrylic and adding whats needed. For the cover I decided that a big baseball would be really neat and a title. SO I started by using some left over viynl and making a square with a circle cut out of the middle. To do so I used my Cricut Studios to make the size of the square desired and the circle using the grid on there to help make sure the size would work. Did I mention that was using the George and Basic Shapes Cartridge. Then I placed the vinyl on to the acrylic and used a Metallic Pearl paint dabber, making sure to put on coat on at a time up to 3 times. Also making sure to change up directions that I was applying it to give it texture.

Once that was dry I decided to make another vinyl piece that was a baseball from the Sports Mania Cartridge. I did theis so I could get the stiching in the right places. Once cut I layered it on the painted circle and used the Red Pepper paint dabber, doing that twice. Once that was dry I decided to add it to the back side as well to give dementions and to decorate the other side.

Then I cut the title "Play Ball" from navy cardstock using Sports Mania cartridge. NOW the title was one peice with a baseball connecting it but I just cut the ball away from the rest of the title added Burgundy Stickles to the letters and adhered it. Once the title was adhered I added the Burgundy stickes to the red paint to add a little more shine and demenition. OH! By the way the side that I painted the Pearl circle on is on the inside! Which brings us to the inside, I also added the Burgundy stickles to the stiching there as well.

Second piece of acrylic... All I did here was take the photo and mount it to a piece of navy cardstock. Then I mounted them to a white peiece and mounted that to the acrylic then added the stickles to the edgeThen I cut out a glove using the Sports Mania Cartridge again... best investment yet. (It was a birthday gift for my sister!) I used my favorite black pen and did the details and added Byrce's name and the year. On the back side I mounted a red piece of cardstock that peaks through to the front side, so make sure you cut it just a little larger then the white piece the picture is mounted to. With my Cricut Expression I was able to "Flip" the image of the glove and layered it right over the glove that was on the front side. Make sure that you leave part of the glove that is mounted on the red loose so that you could add a picture and then tape the glove down over the picture.

The third acrylic piece was made by using the background setting on the Sports Mania Cartridge. I cut a 4" background that had the images on the side. Then I cut a slit with my craft knife and added the white cardstock so that it could be used as a journal block. I mounted it in the upper corner that way Bryce could add more the one photo. On the back side of the panel I added another background that was 4" and cut a peice of whit cardstock placed it behind the images and mounted it right over the spot the blue one was mounted.

The last panel is made using the border function on the Sports Mania Cartridge. I cut the white cardstock, added the red so you could see it peaking through the stiches, added the details to the edge using the black pen and then mounted it to a black peice of cardstock. The I mounted it to the acrylic and cut the part that was over the edges with my craft knife. I Did make sure not to adhere the top of the border down so that a picture can be added and then the border be taped down to the picture.

I know I am always saying how much I LOVE Kits2Remember. But really I do!!! Jessica had such a great vision and I love that she shared it with us. Jessica's acrylic and metal has really changed my way of scrapping. So I declare myself a K2R Junkie!! And if you are one of those Junkies you totally understand why I LOVE Jessica and her comapny! All the other people out there that are affraid I say don't be, K2R will change your scrapping life. And now with that amazing sale (click on amazing sale for details) Jessica is doing would be a great time to give it a try. Well I would try really with or without the sale. Just check out those wonderful kits (click on kits to see what is available) and yes the do come with directions and LOADS of product!

Anyway. Happy Scrapping everyone. Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend!


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