Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Paint Dabbers

Hi everyone! Hope that you all had a wonderful holiday weekend. We had a great one around here. My daughter Madalyn turned 8 on Friday so we had a party, then Sunday was just resting, and Monday was running around town enjoying the weather. So this week is a short one and the last few days of school for my daughter. I wish that I had some projects to go along with the tips I am going to share about Paint Dabbers, but I have been busy getting the last few things she needs for the last two days.

Anyway, now on to paint dabbers. So how many of you out there have some at home but only use them for painting acrylic, metal and wood. Well there are other things you can do. For example in San Diego at the scrapbooking Expo there was a booth ( I wish I knew what booth that was, Kathi might know) showing how Glimmer mist just makes the paint so neat on a plain piece of paper. I had said that I had never thought about that and one of their instructors brought a piece to me that they had done just so I could see it. It was really cool how the paint had taken on a shine. It was just so pretty, think of all the possibilities with all those available colors! Another way I like to use it is on craft projects other the scrapping. I haven't finished it yet, but I am using them on wooden letters for my soon to be niece Brianna. All I am doing in making some circles. Its as easy as pie and really cute. You could also do that in order to make some of your own fun backgrounds on acrylic, metal, chipboard and paper. Now I have to say I wanted to give you some more interesting and fun tips but haven't used them enough to do to much. I was just turned on to them at a class that Jessica taught here at the LSS. So as I am slowly adding to my stash of normal acrylic paint... you know the ones that you have to poor out and use messy brushes (which by the way the best part of the dabbers is NO MESS), I have been looking stuff up on Google. So I came across this YouTube.com video with a great idea a wonderful tips. So thought I would share it with you. Just click on the link below.


If any of you out there have any tips be sure to share them in a comment. We would love to hear about them.

Happy scrapping.

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