Saturday, May 30, 2009

Paint Dabber Project

Hi everyone. So I finally finished the name that I was making for my so to be niece Brianna. My mom and I got letters from Joann's Craft Store and started by painting the brown to match the really cute bedding my sister picked out. Then we decided to play on the polka dots that were in the bedding and inmate the outer circles as well. We did use three colors that were as close to the bedding as possible... one is a light pink, one is a pale green and the other is like a robbins egg blue. All I did was take the paint dabber and used the tip to make a dot. Then I used it the same way and added paint onto my craft mat. I then took the lid of the dabbers and dipped it in the extra paint on the mat and then picked it the dot that I wanted to circle and tried to center the dot in the middle and push down. It was simple and in 5 minutes all the letters were completed with the dots. After the paint dried my mom and I cut ribbon and mom tied the bows. Once that was finished we used my husbands staple gun with small staples and stapled the ribbon to the back of the letters. I did have to used the hammer a few times to get the staple into the wood all the way. But it was simple and should make a great statement in the room. I woulds say after the 3 coats of brown, the dots and circles and the ribbon we are looking a crafting time of about 1 and 1/2 hours. The cost was around $30 but that was using some of the paints that I have in my stash. Here are the photos.

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