Sunday, May 31, 2009

Life these days

have been out of control busy. But as summer starts we might get a little break. We do have a bit of things going on this month with fundraisers for Madalyn's quiz meet in Orlando, birthday parties, doctor appointments and the actual trip to Orlando. In the last two months lots of things have happened. We moved, the kids had their birthdays and Madalyn finished 2nd grade Thursday. Here is a quick recap.

Makayla is now 3 and a handful. Bill and the grandparents can't believe that she is a non stop talker AND I do mean nonstop. From the moments she wakes up until she goes down for the night she is a motor mouth about everything. She really has the "why" question down but that is nothing new around here. I took this picture of her on the day of her birthday... April 17th. She is just getting so big.

Kyle turned 2 on April 28th. Although he is not talking as much as I wish he was, he is talking more and more every day. In fact he says a new sentence that we didn't even know he knew daily. If Makayla wasn't talking for him I think that he would do even better. But that is impossible to stop. He is all boy, he loves to sit and play with his trucks, tools and try to figure out how things work. I love that it changes the day from a total "pink princess" day. He is just like Bill and does everything at 110% right off the bat. And yes he is just as accident prone. Here is Kyle blowing out the candles on his actual birthday day.

Madalyn is now 8 as of the 22nd of May. She is just to cool. I love the challenges that come with her. She challenges us on intellectual stuff all the time and it makes it so much fun. Sometimes though I think that she is 8 going on 20 something. She is just into things that many 8 years olds wouldn't think of. She has been working really hard on studying for her quiz in Orlando on the 27th of June, helping with the fundraisers, helping with the kids, and was way above standards for a second grader. She gives everything her all and I love that about her. The last week of school she got a bunch of awards. One was for attendance, one was a metal for above standards, one was for the 50 point AR Reader club, one was for reaching her goal and one for an outsanding student. She got the out standing student award Thursday night after her last day of school. She got to go down on the Mavrick's field (minor baseball team) with a bunch of other students and annonce her name, grade and school. It has been the third year in a roll that shes gotten to do it. The first year she was affraid and the last two years she did it perfectly. Here are a bunch of pictures of our Madalyn.

On June 14th Bill will be turning 31! Yep all my special people have their birthdays in a period of 5 weeks. But the best part about Bill's birthday is that we will also be celebrating the day that Madalyn came home from the hospital after being born. She spent 3 weeks in there after being born 7 weeks early. It turly was the best day of our lives and the best birthday peresent for Bill. So I will have to scan a picture of Madalyn on that day that we brought her home and put it on here with on of her on the same day 8 years later. You will have to keep your eyes peeled for that one.

I hope that you are all enjoying your weekend.


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