Sunday, May 31, 2009

Life these days

have been out of control busy. But as summer starts we might get a little break. We do have a bit of things going on this month with fundraisers for Madalyn's quiz meet in Orlando, birthday parties, doctor appointments and the actual trip to Orlando. In the last two months lots of things have happened. We moved, the kids had their birthdays and Madalyn finished 2nd grade Thursday. Here is a quick recap.

Makayla is now 3 and a handful. Bill and the grandparents can't believe that she is a non stop talker AND I do mean nonstop. From the moments she wakes up until she goes down for the night she is a motor mouth about everything. She really has the "why" question down but that is nothing new around here. I took this picture of her on the day of her birthday... April 17th. She is just getting so big.

Kyle turned 2 on April 28th. Although he is not talking as much as I wish he was, he is talking more and more every day. In fact he says a new sentence that we didn't even know he knew daily. If Makayla wasn't talking for him I think that he would do even better. But that is impossible to stop. He is all boy, he loves to sit and play with his trucks, tools and try to figure out how things work. I love that it changes the day from a total "pink princess" day. He is just like Bill and does everything at 110% right off the bat. And yes he is just as accident prone. Here is Kyle blowing out the candles on his actual birthday day.

Madalyn is now 8 as of the 22nd of May. She is just to cool. I love the challenges that come with her. She challenges us on intellectual stuff all the time and it makes it so much fun. Sometimes though I think that she is 8 going on 20 something. She is just into things that many 8 years olds wouldn't think of. She has been working really hard on studying for her quiz in Orlando on the 27th of June, helping with the fundraisers, helping with the kids, and was way above standards for a second grader. She gives everything her all and I love that about her. The last week of school she got a bunch of awards. One was for attendance, one was a metal for above standards, one was for the 50 point AR Reader club, one was for reaching her goal and one for an outsanding student. She got the out standing student award Thursday night after her last day of school. She got to go down on the Mavrick's field (minor baseball team) with a bunch of other students and annonce her name, grade and school. It has been the third year in a roll that shes gotten to do it. The first year she was affraid and the last two years she did it perfectly. Here are a bunch of pictures of our Madalyn.

On June 14th Bill will be turning 31! Yep all my special people have their birthdays in a period of 5 weeks. But the best part about Bill's birthday is that we will also be celebrating the day that Madalyn came home from the hospital after being born. She spent 3 weeks in there after being born 7 weeks early. It turly was the best day of our lives and the best birthday peresent for Bill. So I will have to scan a picture of Madalyn on that day that we brought her home and put it on here with on of her on the same day 8 years later. You will have to keep your eyes peeled for that one.

I hope that you are all enjoying your weekend.


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Paint Dabber Project

Hi everyone. So I finally finished the name that I was making for my so to be niece Brianna. My mom and I got letters from Joann's Craft Store and started by painting the brown to match the really cute bedding my sister picked out. Then we decided to play on the polka dots that were in the bedding and inmate the outer circles as well. We did use three colors that were as close to the bedding as possible... one is a light pink, one is a pale green and the other is like a robbins egg blue. All I did was take the paint dabber and used the tip to make a dot. Then I used it the same way and added paint onto my craft mat. I then took the lid of the dabbers and dipped it in the extra paint on the mat and then picked it the dot that I wanted to circle and tried to center the dot in the middle and push down. It was simple and in 5 minutes all the letters were completed with the dots. After the paint dried my mom and I cut ribbon and mom tied the bows. Once that was finished we used my husbands staple gun with small staples and stapled the ribbon to the back of the letters. I did have to used the hammer a few times to get the staple into the wood all the way. But it was simple and should make a great statement in the room. I woulds say after the 3 coats of brown, the dots and circles and the ribbon we are looking a crafting time of about 1 and 1/2 hours. The cost was around $30 but that was using some of the paints that I have in my stash. Here are the photos.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Paint Dabbers

Hi everyone! Hope that you all had a wonderful holiday weekend. We had a great one around here. My daughter Madalyn turned 8 on Friday so we had a party, then Sunday was just resting, and Monday was running around town enjoying the weather. So this week is a short one and the last few days of school for my daughter. I wish that I had some projects to go along with the tips I am going to share about Paint Dabbers, but I have been busy getting the last few things she needs for the last two days.

Anyway, now on to paint dabbers. So how many of you out there have some at home but only use them for painting acrylic, metal and wood. Well there are other things you can do. For example in San Diego at the scrapbooking Expo there was a booth ( I wish I knew what booth that was, Kathi might know) showing how Glimmer mist just makes the paint so neat on a plain piece of paper. I had said that I had never thought about that and one of their instructors brought a piece to me that they had done just so I could see it. It was really cool how the paint had taken on a shine. It was just so pretty, think of all the possibilities with all those available colors! Another way I like to use it is on craft projects other the scrapping. I haven't finished it yet, but I am using them on wooden letters for my soon to be niece Brianna. All I am doing in making some circles. Its as easy as pie and really cute. You could also do that in order to make some of your own fun backgrounds on acrylic, metal, chipboard and paper. Now I have to say I wanted to give you some more interesting and fun tips but haven't used them enough to do to much. I was just turned on to them at a class that Jessica taught here at the LSS. So as I am slowly adding to my stash of normal acrylic paint... you know the ones that you have to poor out and use messy brushes (which by the way the best part of the dabbers is NO MESS), I have been looking stuff up on Google. So I came across this video with a great idea a wonderful tips. So thought I would share it with you. Just click on the link below.

If any of you out there have any tips be sure to share them in a comment. We would love to hear about them.

Happy scrapping.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Play Ball!

So when we got the challenge to do a sports theme I couldn't stop thinking of how hard this is going to be for me. I used to play soccer back in the day.... like 13 years ago! I played for 11 years but a knee injury stopped the fun. My husband never played sports dues to asthema, Madalyn is to much of a girl and the little ones are too little for anything. So when my sister, Yanira told be that her son, Bryce was going to play T-Ball I was so excited and I knew he would be the subject to scrap. With that said here is the book I put together for him. It was made using four 8X8 acrylic panels and o-rings. I only put one picture in it because I want him to pick out the rest so that it is more special to him. I also thought of the o-rings being my binding just incase they decided that they want to add more pictures and pages. It will be a simple as taking out the o-rings and using the crop-a-dile to punch the holes in the acrylic and adding whats needed. For the cover I decided that a big baseball would be really neat and a title. SO I started by using some left over viynl and making a square with a circle cut out of the middle. To do so I used my Cricut Studios to make the size of the square desired and the circle using the grid on there to help make sure the size would work. Did I mention that was using the George and Basic Shapes Cartridge. Then I placed the vinyl on to the acrylic and used a Metallic Pearl paint dabber, making sure to put on coat on at a time up to 3 times. Also making sure to change up directions that I was applying it to give it texture.

Once that was dry I decided to make another vinyl piece that was a baseball from the Sports Mania Cartridge. I did theis so I could get the stiching in the right places. Once cut I layered it on the painted circle and used the Red Pepper paint dabber, doing that twice. Once that was dry I decided to add it to the back side as well to give dementions and to decorate the other side.

Then I cut the title "Play Ball" from navy cardstock using Sports Mania cartridge. NOW the title was one peice with a baseball connecting it but I just cut the ball away from the rest of the title added Burgundy Stickles to the letters and adhered it. Once the title was adhered I added the Burgundy stickes to the red paint to add a little more shine and demenition. OH! By the way the side that I painted the Pearl circle on is on the inside! Which brings us to the inside, I also added the Burgundy stickles to the stiching there as well.

Second piece of acrylic... All I did here was take the photo and mount it to a piece of navy cardstock. Then I mounted them to a white peiece and mounted that to the acrylic then added the stickles to the edgeThen I cut out a glove using the Sports Mania Cartridge again... best investment yet. (It was a birthday gift for my sister!) I used my favorite black pen and did the details and added Byrce's name and the year. On the back side I mounted a red piece of cardstock that peaks through to the front side, so make sure you cut it just a little larger then the white piece the picture is mounted to. With my Cricut Expression I was able to "Flip" the image of the glove and layered it right over the glove that was on the front side. Make sure that you leave part of the glove that is mounted on the red loose so that you could add a picture and then tape the glove down over the picture.

The third acrylic piece was made by using the background setting on the Sports Mania Cartridge. I cut a 4" background that had the images on the side. Then I cut a slit with my craft knife and added the white cardstock so that it could be used as a journal block. I mounted it in the upper corner that way Bryce could add more the one photo. On the back side of the panel I added another background that was 4" and cut a peice of whit cardstock placed it behind the images and mounted it right over the spot the blue one was mounted.

The last panel is made using the border function on the Sports Mania Cartridge. I cut the white cardstock, added the red so you could see it peaking through the stiches, added the details to the edge using the black pen and then mounted it to a black peice of cardstock. The I mounted it to the acrylic and cut the part that was over the edges with my craft knife. I Did make sure not to adhere the top of the border down so that a picture can be added and then the border be taped down to the picture.

I know I am always saying how much I LOVE Kits2Remember. But really I do!!! Jessica had such a great vision and I love that she shared it with us. Jessica's acrylic and metal has really changed my way of scrapping. So I declare myself a K2R Junkie!! And if you are one of those Junkies you totally understand why I LOVE Jessica and her comapny! All the other people out there that are affraid I say don't be, K2R will change your scrapping life. And now with that amazing sale (click on amazing sale for details) Jessica is doing would be a great time to give it a try. Well I would try really with or without the sale. Just check out those wonderful kits (click on kits to see what is available) and yes the do come with directions and LOADS of product!

Anyway. Happy Scrapping everyone. Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Teacher's Gift

Yep that's right.... teacher's gift! So its that time of year again when we honor all the hard work that our children's teachers have been doing. This year we got an amazing teacher and I wanted to do something to let her know just how wonderful we think she is. She really helped my daughter Madalyn fall in love with Science... which is great considering last year she didn't even want to have any part in it. She is a really smart cookie but for some reason that never sparked her interest. But this year after having Mrs. Beecham its a whole new story for her. So in order to honor her I wanted to make a fun little message / photo board with a poem that showed her just how special she is. To find the poem I looked up quotes and poems in my google search bar (I forgot to write down the address for that website). Then I used an 8x8 chipboard and covered it with Pitch Black Acrylic Paint Dabber and set it aside to dry. If you don't want to cover the whole piece with the black paint that is fine, I only did the the edges leaving a 4x4 square in the middle that wasn't painted. Once that was dry I attached a 6x6 chipboard that I covered with pattern paper that I had in my stash and also took the paint dabber to the edges. The white square that I wrote on was also from the patten paper that I just turned over, took the dabber to the edges and once dry added the poem. I used a BIC fine point permanent marker (color is Blues Skies Blue). On the out side edges I used Rebekka Erickson flower rub-ons in light blue and added Pewter liquid pearls to the center on the flowers and the dots on the side. For the metal panel I used an 8x8 panel and covered it in the Pitch Black Paint dapper, making use to do a thin coat, putting it aside to dry. Once that was dry I did a second coat... applying it in the opposite direction then the first coat making it have a crossed hatch apperance. The pictures don't just the texture any justice but I really like it. Then once that was dry I added some more rub-ons to the corners. Next I used Mod Podge in a matte finish to protect the paint and rub-ons from wear and tare. I but one the mod podge in to coats as well the same as I did for the paint changing direction once I it was dry and ready for a second coat. When the Mod Podge was dry I added the liquid pearls and a strip of the pattern paper, making sure to add the black paint to the edges for a nice uniform look. Then I used O- rings to connect them making the holes with a Crop-a-dile and then add the ribbon. The I maded two flower magnets just by layering the flowers, adding the brad that I had left over from a past kit. The flowers I had in my stash, I know that the two white ones were by Prima. Then I just added a magnet to the back of them. I would like to add a picture of the entire class and Mrs. Beecham that was taken by a friend of mine on her birthday. But it was a quick simple project that can be used over and over again.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I have been a terrible blogger. Seems like I don't have time to sleep let a lone blog about whats been going go. I wish I could say I have been busy scrapping away but that is not the case. We have been moving and dealing with fundraisers for Madalyn's trip to Orlando this summer. Last weekend we finished moving everything in to the house and now we are trying to empty boxes and set up all of our services. I believe that the guy installing the alarm system right now is the last thing that needs to be addressed as of now. I do have one project to share that I did for the Del Mar Expo, which I just finished a few minutes ago. I had the main part done and added a few embellishments and magnets to it today. It is made using a 11x 14 metal K2R panel, a ribbon from the $1 aisle from Target, flowers that I picked up at the Expo in the Kits2remember booth, the white Butterfly is a Heidi Swapp overlay also from the K2R booth, the colorful butterflies are 3-D stickers that I had in my stash and the jewled brads are left over from a kit that I got from Kits2Remember, a K2R stamp (item #1-10), jet black staz-on ink, some Me and My big ideas jewels, and Glossy accents to adhere them to the overlay. So to get the look with the over lay butterfly I cut it out of the 12x12 transparency that it came on. Then I just adhered it on to the corner of the metal being sure to hide the adhesive behind the white of the butterfly. Then stamped the other 3 corners added the butterfly stickers, added magnets to the back side of the flowers after do the brads. It didn't take much time at all.

If you are ever looking for a project kit that is designed well, has great insturctions, amazing products and a value like no other KITS2REMEBER is the way to go. I can always make what I want and then some with the stuff that is left over!!!!!!

Thanks for dropping by, Happy scrapping.