Saturday, February 28, 2009


I have been working on projects a lot this week. Just wish that they were projects that I was keeping. But instead I have been making them for friends and family members. Which is always fun.

The first project that I did this week was a 12x12 metal checkers/tic tac toe game board for Jessica (owner and friend on I used a 12 x 12 meatl panel from her online store, red cricut vinyl, magnets, acrylic paint, glossy accents, modge podge, stazon ink, alphabet stamps from Close to my heart and a Tim Holtz flourish scroll stamp. Here are pictures of all the magnets and the games set up.

The other projects I did were for my niece Bailey. I used the "love notes" metal message board kit and made a message board for my niece. But I did change it a bit. I made it vertical instead of horizontal and one hung 3 piece off of it instead of 4. It was out cute and she was excited to have a new place for her messages.

The last project I did was also for Bailey. I made here a journal. I used chipboard that I got from kits2remember, stickles, stazon ink, paint dobbers, prima flower, rhinestone, a stack of paper from my stash and the TimHoltz flourish stamp. I started with 8x8 chipboard that I cut down to 8x5. I then painted it and set it a side to dry. Next i cut the pages to be a 1/4 inch smaller all around in the color paper I wanted. Then I cut two pattern paper pieces the same size as the chipboard and taped them to the inside one dry. Afterwards I used my bind-it all (available at K2R for $85 in a starter kit with wire and much more) and I punched the chipboard covers on "C" and the pages on "D" since I cut them a little smaller. I used 3/4 inch wire to bind it added ribbon to the wire, added 2 flowers and a rhinestone to the front cover. Used some chipboard letters that I painted white with acrylic paint and glittered them up with stickles. I didn't realize it until I finshed it but she could use it horizontally or vertically. It came out really fun and of course she love it. Thanks for dropping by. Jenn

Has it been that long

I can't believe that it has been so long since my last post. Things have been so busy for us this month. I am hoping that we will get some slow times really soon but not looking like that will happen until June. Anyway. In the last month we have visited our good friends in Carson City, NV, we have gone to Madalyn's bible quiz meet, birthday parties and I have helped out at the Orange County Expo. Oh and I managed to fit in a class at the scrapbook store.

Our trip to Carson was really wonderful. It had been almost a year since the last time we went out on our own. So we headed up for a 4 day weekend without our kids. It was weird to have Bill all to myself for the 8 hour drive. But it was wonderful to talk and listen to any music that we wanted. On the way up we drove through snow and enjoyed the sights. Once we made it to Carson we meet up with our friends and their little ones. Which was a lot of fun to play the role of grandparents, you know spoil them and then walk away when the going get rough. Not that it got rough but you get the point. We really love playing and talking with their two little ones but mostly we liked hanging around the house being lazy.

above is a picture of Virgina City

Here we are standing on a beach at Lake Tahoe. (the self timer on the camera and a recycling bin makes a great way to take a picture of the two of us.)

Once we got home we had a few days before I helped out at the OC expo. I love seeing familiar faces and meeting new people. You can check out the kits2remember website to see the next expo that I will be helping out at and pictures of the OC expo.

The weekend after that was Madalyn's bible quiz meet. They did such a wonderful job. They placed 3rd out of 10 teams. They are asked a total of 60 questions and a chance to do a bonus question. Out of the 60 Madalyn only missed 2 questions and got one of the bonus questions that she tried right. We are amazed at the info that they remember and recite.
Here is Madalyn's team: Wesley, Madalyn, Dylan, Sierra and Edward. (Madalyn is the youngest on this team and is holding her own.)

Madalyn being asked her bonus question. (She had to recite a verse, can't remember which one.)
And here is the big thumbs up because she got it right. Bill and I were so excited and giving her a big thumbs up too. It is so nit like her to get up there with everyone watching and try something. The first time she went up she missed it and we thought that she would never try again. But she proved us wrong and got it right! She really is amazing.

And that brings us to today. Bill helped some friends of ours move up to Hesperia this morning from Rancho Cucamonga. It is their first home and we are very excited for them and even more excited to have them around. Then after that we me made our way over to our niece Bailey's 9th birthday party at Power play (its a skating rink). The kids had a great time skating and running around. Makayla even gave it a try with Bill's help. Unfortunately the ran out of the normal 4 wheel skates so she had on in-line skates. Madalyn got out there a few times but she was a little scared. And Kyle was all about trying to get everyone to give him food. As if I never feed the kid! Now I am relaxing on the sofa watching tv and the fam is asleep. Hope that I can sleep tonight but so far not even close to being tired. Well have a good night! Jenn
Above are pictures of Madalyn, my sister Yanira, Makayla, Kyle, my niece Bailey and my nephew Bryce.