Friday, January 16, 2009

We feed the ducks

Made it to the park again today since it was so nice. We packed a lunch and bread for the ducks. The only thing that Makayla could talk about since Tuesday as wanting to feed the ducks, so that is what we did. We first enjoyed our PB and J sandwiches and crackers. Then they dove into the bread and feed the ducks and geese. There was one goose that was not good at "waiting" and scared the heck out of Makayla when he took the bread right out of her hand. She let out a scream like no other but with in minutes she was feeding them again. After the duck feeding they were little monkeys climbing on everything in sight and running every which way. Of course not with each other! I would chase one down and then seconds later hear the other calling me for help because they were "stuck." It was a great time in the sun with them. They are just so different then how Madalyn was at their age. We used to have to climb and play with her in order for her to even consider going! They are just a go get them kind of kids, just like their DADDY!



The Stampin' Soldier said...

Man, there are a lot of ducks!

get scrappy said...

They are every where! That was on the small pond but there is a lake as well that you can fish in and they are all over the place.