Monday, January 19, 2009

The open desert

It has been a long time since we camped in the open desert. There used to be a time that it really wasn't my thing, but when we go now it is fun. Makayla and Kyle love digging in the dirt and Madalyn loves hoping from trailer to trailer visiting with my parents, sister and her family. Its more about just hanging out together and enjoying each others company then getting wasted and doing some stupid stuff ( I was always the only sober one because I don't really drink). But from what i hear it is become that way now with the group we used to go with. Anyway. I am not into riding anything so i am usually stuck taking care of the kids, but this trip was a little different. I rode my niece quad for the first time ever so I could take Kyle for a ride around camp. It was actually and I can't believe that I am saying this but FUN! Kyle loved it and cried when I told him that it was Makayla's turn. They were just so excited! They kept going back and climbing on the quad and pretending to be riding, they made sounds, bounced up and down. It was so cute. Madalyn even tried it out this time on a 50. Then yesterday Bill and my sister took out the .22 rifles and a .45 handgun. I have shoot many guns in the last year that I would have never done in the past either but it is growing on me. I was good and hitting the targets that they had set up. I spun the ones that were on the stakes, put holes in a large jug and hit the target a couple times. I even almost got a bulls eye! Crazy to think that I used to just sit and watch the fun, but no more its my turn to have some too! Since we decided last minute to pack up and go out with my family I never got around to scrapping. But instead added more photos to my pile! The only one I forgot to make sure we got a photo of, was of my dad and I playing backgammon and me betting him so BAD!!! In fact I skunked him!!!! (oh yes we are a competitive bunch of individuals.) He taught me to play along time ago and when ever we can we fit a game in, anywhere and everywhere we go. But I have never gotten a picture of us playing, maybe next time.

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