Monday, January 26, 2009

Baby shower gift

Hi everyone. Been a while since I got to post a project, but I have been sick and busy with the family. Still not over my cold, I am hoping that it is gone by my birthday on Saturday and the baby shower that I am attending on Sunday. Or I am going to miss out on all the fun. Anyway. I was trying to think of something I can give as a gift that isn't to expensive and is cute of course. So I made a 5 panel 6x6 acrylic album. After I finished putting it together I thought this looks a lot like something I have done. And sure enough when I started looking at my other albums I realized it looks a lot like the "Good and Girly" album that I made last year in October. It was a class that Kits2remember did at the Expos. Of course I REALLY love it and it shows because the one I made is a lot like it. Funny how some things just stick in your mind. If you haven't had a chance to take a class with the owner of Kits2remember, Jessica you need to it is so much fun, with great ideas and products. You should check out her calender, she will be here in California this month teaching and doing a booth at the Expo in Orange County. The products I used were 6x6 Acrylic from K2R, Me and My big idea rhinestones, doodlebug design inc. silk flowers,white and blue acrylic paint that I mixed together to get the color I wanted for the edges, Baby Blue stickles by Ranger, foam stamps by Making memories, Close to my Heart chocolate distressing ink, DCWV paper that was part of my stash that I have had for years, white cardstock for the tags, silver Zutter 1 in. wire, and ribbons that I had in my stash. On the cover where I stamped adore and on the inside where I stamped sweet, after the paint dried I added stickles to the top to give it a little shine. I also got a great tip from the ladies on the K2R Design Team Blog, to stop the ribbons from fraying you can used the stickles on the edge and give them a fancy sparkle look. You should check out there BLOG, they have amazing projects and tips. I hope you have a good week. Make sure you get some scrapping in.


Monday, January 19, 2009

The open desert

It has been a long time since we camped in the open desert. There used to be a time that it really wasn't my thing, but when we go now it is fun. Makayla and Kyle love digging in the dirt and Madalyn loves hoping from trailer to trailer visiting with my parents, sister and her family. Its more about just hanging out together and enjoying each others company then getting wasted and doing some stupid stuff ( I was always the only sober one because I don't really drink). But from what i hear it is become that way now with the group we used to go with. Anyway. I am not into riding anything so i am usually stuck taking care of the kids, but this trip was a little different. I rode my niece quad for the first time ever so I could take Kyle for a ride around camp. It was actually and I can't believe that I am saying this but FUN! Kyle loved it and cried when I told him that it was Makayla's turn. They were just so excited! They kept going back and climbing on the quad and pretending to be riding, they made sounds, bounced up and down. It was so cute. Madalyn even tried it out this time on a 50. Then yesterday Bill and my sister took out the .22 rifles and a .45 handgun. I have shoot many guns in the last year that I would have never done in the past either but it is growing on me. I was good and hitting the targets that they had set up. I spun the ones that were on the stakes, put holes in a large jug and hit the target a couple times. I even almost got a bulls eye! Crazy to think that I used to just sit and watch the fun, but no more its my turn to have some too! Since we decided last minute to pack up and go out with my family I never got around to scrapping. But instead added more photos to my pile! The only one I forgot to make sure we got a photo of, was of my dad and I playing backgammon and me betting him so BAD!!! In fact I skunked him!!!! (oh yes we are a competitive bunch of individuals.) He taught me to play along time ago and when ever we can we fit a game in, anywhere and everywhere we go. But I have never gotten a picture of us playing, maybe next time.

Friday, January 16, 2009

We feed the ducks

Made it to the park again today since it was so nice. We packed a lunch and bread for the ducks. The only thing that Makayla could talk about since Tuesday as wanting to feed the ducks, so that is what we did. We first enjoyed our PB and J sandwiches and crackers. Then they dove into the bread and feed the ducks and geese. There was one goose that was not good at "waiting" and scared the heck out of Makayla when he took the bread right out of her hand. She let out a scream like no other but with in minutes she was feeding them again. After the duck feeding they were little monkeys climbing on everything in sight and running every which way. Of course not with each other! I would chase one down and then seconds later hear the other calling me for help because they were "stuck." It was a great time in the sun with them. They are just so different then how Madalyn was at their age. We used to have to climb and play with her in order for her to even consider going! They are just a go get them kind of kids, just like their DADDY!


Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Busy, busy, busy. That is the way life has been lately. Between visiting Bill's mom a lot while she is still sick, Madalyn in school, doctor appointments, Makayla and Kyle and the house I feel as though I am spinning out of control. I wish I had time to do more. So today after taking Madalyn to school extra early for their class field trip I took a time out and it was wonderful. I took Makayla and Kyle to the Hesperia Lakes for an hour and a half to play. They loved the swings like any other little one would, the were monkeys climbing on everything in sight, and just all in all happy. We took a little stroll and looked at the ducks and geese. Makayla pointed out how I forgot to bring the "duckies food." So I guess we will be making it back there real soon. Kyle didn't care much about feeding them but instead wanted to chase them into the pond and try to follow them in. It was a nice break to the normal day. Anyway. In scrapbooking news I haven't had any time to do anything. It is driving me crazy. I WILL make time this weekend. I did however get a vinyl wall saying done and up in my MIL kitchen. All in all it turned out great. We did it in french using my cricut expression, my design studio and cartridges Accent Essentials and Plantin School Book and chocolate brown vinyl. It saying "seasoned with love." It amazes me how simple the design but a big impact it gave the kitchen. One of these days I will need to make some for my home. Here are some photos of the saying and of the park. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


I am trying all sorts of new things lately. I have to thank my friend Jessica, owner of for turning me onto such wonderful materials. Since I meet Jessica a year ago I have created acrylic tissue boxes, an acrylic keepsake box, and a metal board games. Of course there are may other things but those have been my favorite. And today is no different. I have started a shop over a I currently only have one item listen but I am hoping to add more soon. Even though I only have one item listed I will take custom orders as well. Just email me and let me know what you are interested in and I will make a posting just for you. I hope you hear from you!

Here is to new adventures.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Using your stash and scraps

Hello everyone. I am so sorry that it has been so long since my last post. We have been running back in forth from Redlands to Hesperia every other day to visit my MIL in the hospital. She has been very sick and undergoing lots of tests. They still have not found the main cause of the problem so they will be continuing testing her. However we finally got some good new this morning... she was able to leave the hospital and will now do the test as needed. Hopefully they will find the problem soon and correct it. Anyway. As far as scarp has been forever since I have done a 12x12 page!! I LOVE doing them but have gotten into small books instead. So when I stumbled across a website CROP ADDICT they had sketches I fell in love with and want to try it out. I did however change it from 3 photos to 1 5x7 photo. Other then that I used my stash and scraps. the products I used were a textured red cardstock, left over blue cardstock that I cut using my Creative Memories Circle Cutting System, the scallop polka dot piece I cut out of a scrap with my cricut cartridge ACCENT ESSENTIALS, the red pattern paper was also a scrap, the title and stars were cut out of white cardstock using my cricut cartridge PLANTIN SCHOOLBOOK. To give it an aged look I used my Close to My Heart Chocolate distressing ink pad. It was a simple page to put together. Boy do I need to get back to doing 12x12 again. Enjoy.