Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's snowing

If you know me you know I dislike the cold. I am a total warm weather person. If you are taking 100 degrees I am all for it. But 35 and snowing not so much. However you can't deny the beauty of snow. It has been snowing at my house since 3:00 am when hy husband made his way to work in LA. It didn't start sticking to the ground until 9 am. Now we have several inches of snow with no sign of it letting up. My poor husband has been all over So Cal trying to get homw since 11:30. It is now 2:36 and he is heading back towards the 15 hoping for an escort up the 15. I think that he is hoping for to much. But you never know, got to stay optimistic. Anyway. Madalyn was lucky enough to get a snow day so we bundled up and played in the front yard for about an hour. Then the little guy Kyle, Makayla and I couldn't stand the cold any longer. They too are warm weather people! Madalyn on the other hand is looking out the windows asking to go out again. I just keep saying maybe later! As the warm weather person of me was yelling no way an I going out there, the scrapper in me got all bundles up and took the camera out for some fun photo opportunities. Unfortunately my camera batteries died, so I will have to go out again. But here is what I got, a picture of home, our sad snowman and the kids. Hope you are having a nice "warm" day in this winter weather! Jenn

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