Thursday, December 11, 2008

Boy have we been busy...

we have been rushing around for the last week trying to get things that need to be done finished. I have no idea where this last week has gone. We have made two trip down the hill. One to Redlands to visit In-laws and work on a family history project for Madalyn's homework. The second to drop the boat off to have work done to it. Sometime in the next week we get to go pick it up again. So back to Azusa we go. Last night Madalyn's school did their Christmas Program and Madalyn was one of the narrators. I was so nervous for her because she hates having all eyes on her, but she did great, I was a wreck! We managed to fit in time with my sister and niece who are visiting from Hawaii. I made ornaments that kids can't break and we decorated the house and got pictures of the kids and dogs (which was a nightmare). Then today I get to clean my house, do laundry, make food for 120 for Madalyn's around the world fest at school tomorrow. The things we do for our kids while they are in school! Somewhere in our crazy schedule I managed to make a few projects. I made a Today is interactive calendar that I got from (I did change out the paper for something that would work better in my sister-in-laws house though), made a wall hanging for my sister and a desktop calendar for my MIL. I got the idea from Jennifer Priest, she is a design team member. I got the directions on the website. It was easy a little time consuming but very worth it! I also cut down some chipboard for my sister and one of her coworkers so the could make some gate fold and stadium albums for coworkers, family, and friends. When they are done putting them together they are going to give them back so I can bind the books for them. Thinking that I could start a business that way. Get enough extra money to support my habit, as my husband loves to call my scrapping! Here are some photos enjoy.

Happy Holidays! Jenn

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Erin said...

Love the pictures!! I really like the "beach" hanging... I love that paper and have used it as well! Merry Christmas Jenn!
:o) Erin (scrappuccino)