Friday, November 14, 2008

Christmas on a BUDGET!

The Christman Challenge this year is to stay at $20 for a family gift and that is all. No individual gifts of any kind. I have to say that when I heard that I thought good freaking luck! But i have come up with a few ideas. I am making a game board out of metal I had, scrap booking supplies, pictures, and magnets. One side will be a tic tac toe for the young family members and the other will be a checkers board. I have started it but still need pictures and magnets to get it done.
The other is a hard cover album from http://www. kodakgallery. com/.
They have a deal with a coupon until November 19th, you can BUY ONE GET ONE FREE! AND then they have another coupon that can be used to get 30% off an order of $60 or 20% off an order of $30. All you do is upload pictures and create a book. You can change the layout, pick color, and add captions or a story. So I did that and go TWO books for $25.05 including tax and shipping!!!! What a deal. I am now done with that side of the family. Now on to the other side.

Make sure you stay tuned for pictures of the game board project!

Happy scrapping! Jenn

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