Monday, October 27, 2008

Kits2remember tissue box idea

Hello everyone. So as you may know I teamed up with Jessica Guthrie of to come up with a fun and exciting tissue box. This weekend at the Ontario Scrapbook Expo people were very excited about it. So Jessica and I decided that I would make another one and send it to her so that when she is doing shows else where she had another sample to put out. So I decided to use the leftover that I had from the "today is" class, glimmer mist (which is new to me as of Scrapfest and boy do I love it), prima flowers, Me and my big ideas icons, red ribbon that I had, scrolls that I copied and printed from online, and my BIC black pen. I used the pen to trace the scroll images that I liked onto the acrylic. Some of the scrolls were done on the inside of the box and some on the outside. The pictures don't do it justice but you get an added dimension. So to get started I found the center of all the pieces and drew a line ON the protective BLUE cover.Then I put the acrylic into the Bind-it-all with the setting being on A making sure the the lines I drew match up with the black arrow in the middle of the machine on the blue section. Then started punching holes. Once I was done with all 5 pieces I removed the blue protective cover and scraped them as desired. First by tracing the scroll images onto the acrylic. Once that was done I started to assemble the box with ribbon. I taped down one end on the ribbon and laced it through the holes. As I do so I fold two pieces together (back to back), the flatten that out and continue.Once the 4 sides are together add the top and you are done. When you are ready to put the tissue box in you may need to slightly move the box back and forth so it can get past the ribbon since it is a perfect fit.If you have any questions at all PLEASE don't hesitate to ask and I am willing to share tips. If you are looking to do a tissue box you can find a plain acrylic box at for only $5, it will make a wonderful gift or even just light up your own space with one!

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