Friday, October 10, 2008

Been Busy

I wish I could say I have been busy working on a project, but that is not the case. Bill and the kids brought home a 6 month old German Sheppard. Which as anyone knows puppies need lots of work. Luckily she is already house trained! Not sure if I could have handled that and three kids. She is wonderful and very loyal. Her name is Shadow and what a great name that is for her. As all moms know kids follow you everywhere you go and Shadow is no different. I think that she is worse then the kids. She lays outside the bathroom until I am done, lays under my desk while I am checking my emails and stuff, and cries if I walk out the door. She truly is a shadow. I am wondering what she is going to do tomorrow while I am at Scrapfest all day tomorrow and Bill and the kids are in Carlsbad. Hopefully I wont come home to a huge mess. Got to be positive right? Here are a few pictures of our new family member.

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