Tuesday, December 23, 2008

8x8 Acrylic Album

Many classes ago I took the "caught on Film" class with Jessica and I gave that album to my niece since she plays soccer. She was so excited that it was something that she could embellish and add photos to on her own. Every time I see her she makes it a point to show me the ribbons that she tied on the binding and how she is planning to put the pictures in it once my BIL copies and prints the pictures for her. Well as you know when ever you have girls that do everything together you have to give them the same thing. My daughter and my niece are two peas in a pod. So Madalyn is has become jealous of Bailey because I made her a book that she can do on her own. The other day Madalyn asked if I would make her a book and I was already in the developing process of it. So I asked if you could have a book what colors of them would it be.... I got something girly and kind of springish since my birthday is in spring. Well as if I didn't know what would fit her perfectly! Since I had already picked up paper and things I was hoping that it would fit her idea. AND IT DID! I made a five panel 8x8 acrylic album using K2R acrylic, making memories pink paint and foam stamps, Close to my Heart Chocolate destressing ink, Basic Grey pattern paper Euphoria line, My Mind's Eye Laundry Line (Fun Lovin spots paper), My Mind's Eye Just Dreamy 2 line (My love My friends / Blushing Paper), My Mind's Eye Transparencies (flower and a frame), Me and My Big Ideas Rhinestones, Bazill 4.5 inch Piglet Blossom Flower, Baby Blue Stickles, and Prima Flowers. I haven't added any pictures or ribbons because I want it to be her vision from now on. She should be super excited! I can't wait to give it to her. Merry Christmas everyone! Thanks for stopping by. Jenn

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm seeing white

Good morning. After an all day snow storm yesterday we woke up to beautiful white EVERYTHING. Usually we see looks of sand being that we live in the desert. It was so pretty that I had to take pictures. Hopefully my husband we make it home today, since he was stuck in Rancho Cucamonga all day yesterday. Thanks goodness we grew up down there and have family and friends down there. He went to dinner with my sister who was also stuck down there and shopping too. Then she went to her Grandparents and he went to his best friends. I will be out playing more toda to get more photos of the kids, but here are some from my room, and the street.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's snowing

If you know me you know I dislike the cold. I am a total warm weather person. If you are taking 100 degrees I am all for it. But 35 and snowing not so much. However you can't deny the beauty of snow. It has been snowing at my house since 3:00 am when hy husband made his way to work in LA. It didn't start sticking to the ground until 9 am. Now we have several inches of snow with no sign of it letting up. My poor husband has been all over So Cal trying to get homw since 11:30. It is now 2:36 and he is heading back towards the 15 hoping for an escort up the 15. I think that he is hoping for to much. But you never know, got to stay optimistic. Anyway. Madalyn was lucky enough to get a snow day so we bundled up and played in the front yard for about an hour. Then the little guy Kyle, Makayla and I couldn't stand the cold any longer. They too are warm weather people! Madalyn on the other hand is looking out the windows asking to go out again. I just keep saying maybe later! As the warm weather person of me was yelling no way an I going out there, the scrapper in me got all bundles up and took the camera out for some fun photo opportunities. Unfortunately my camera batteries died, so I will have to go out again. But here is what I got, a picture of home, our sad snowman and the kids. Hope you are having a nice "warm" day in this winter weather! Jenn

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Boy have we been busy...

we have been rushing around for the last week trying to get things that need to be done finished. I have no idea where this last week has gone. We have made two trip down the hill. One to Redlands to visit In-laws and work on a family history project for Madalyn's homework. The second to drop the boat off to have work done to it. Sometime in the next week we get to go pick it up again. So back to Azusa we go. Last night Madalyn's school did their Christmas Program and Madalyn was one of the narrators. I was so nervous for her because she hates having all eyes on her, but she did great, I was a wreck! We managed to fit in time with my sister and niece who are visiting from Hawaii. I made ornaments that kids can't break and we decorated the house and got pictures of the kids and dogs (which was a nightmare). Then today I get to clean my house, do laundry, make food for 120 for Madalyn's around the world fest at school tomorrow. The things we do for our kids while they are in school! Somewhere in our crazy schedule I managed to make a few projects. I made a Today is interactive calendar that I got from Kits2remember.com (I did change out the paper for something that would work better in my sister-in-laws house though), made a wall hanging for my sister and a desktop calendar for my MIL. I got the idea from Jennifer Priest, she is a zutterzisters.com design team member. I got the directions on the website. It was easy a little time consuming but very worth it! I also cut down some chipboard for my sister and one of her coworkers so the could make some gate fold and stadium albums for coworkers, family, and friends. When they are done putting them together they are going to give them back so I can bind the books for them. Thinking that I could start a business that way. Get enough extra money to support my habit, as my husband loves to call my scrapping! Here are some photos enjoy.

Happy Holidays! Jenn

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

One for the road

Before I head out of town for the Thanksgiving weekend I have another little project. Madalyn was invited to a birthday party for a girlfriend of hers who turn 7 last weekend. I wasn't going to make anything, but it all changed when I was walking through Barnes and Nobles Bookstore. Madalyn's school was having a fundraiser so we were there buying a few new book and getting something for Hannah when I came across the stationary section of the store. I found a craft covered recycled journal and my mind started turning with the possibilities. So I picked it up and told Madalyn my plans for the journal and she loved it. I painted around the binding pink, found some fun paper in my stash to cover it with. I cut the paper a little bit longer and went around the edges and cut another piece of fun paper for the insides to help hide the front piece. I took ribbons that I bought at Target in the dollar section and tied them to the binding. Then I added prima flowers, some bright pink paper flowers, bazzil Piglet Blossoms, rhinestones by me and my big ideas, and a left over letter that I have had for years! To make the large flower match a little more I rubbed the pink paint over the petals. It cost me only $9 for the journal and the rest was all stash. Think that I will be making more this Christmas for my sisters and nieces! Wishing you all a safe, fun, creative Thanksgiving weekend. Jenn

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I have been busy working on a Christmas gift for my In-Laws that live in GA. My husbands family decided that this year we would buy or make something for $20! When I heard that I thought what in the world am I going to do. They have two girls ages 6 and 3 and as anyone knows it is hard to buy anything these days that is $20 or something they don't have. So I put my creative mind to work and came up with a game board made out of metal. Do I have your interest? Okay so I took a panel of 12x12 Kits2remember.com metal (that was in my stash), ruby red cricut vinyl (that I had left over from a wall saying I did for my SIL), photos that I downloaded from their family blog, magnets (that I bought at Micheals, 50 for $6), red paint, pink paint, blue paint, green paint, yellow paint, stamps, mod podge and Ranger Glossy accents. So far I only spent six dollars. But if you were to buy the metal and magnets for would be at about $12. Anyway! I started by cutting the vinyl into 1.5" squares and putting them on the metal in a checkers board pattern. Once that was done I flipped over the metal and made a tic-tac-toe board and stamped around it to give it a little more interest. Once that was done I coated it with mod podge as directed, once one side was finished and completely dried I turned it over and did the other side. Then I painted the sides on the magnets, 12 in red, 12 in pink, 12 in green and 12 in blue. Then I took the leftover magnets and a few more (6 all together) from another pack and painted the sides yellow, that way you could use them for the crowned pieces by putting the colored one on top. Next I printed the photos onto normal computer paper as a wallet size in a fast draft print setting. I picked a picture of each member of the family and printed it 12 times and cut their faces out and taped them to the magnet, making sure that the picture was the same size as the magnet. One I adhered the photo I covered the photo with the Glossy Accents and let them dry. OH! Here is a tip... if you use wax paper and place all the pieces on it while drying from the paint and glossy accents you can then move them around with out them sticking to anything. Here are the photos that I cut down, the layout of the board and the game pieces. Thanks for stopping by! Jenn